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Dragon Ball 84 Spoiler: Gas from Another Universe!

The battle against Gas is still unfinished in the Granolah the Survivor arc presented in the Dragon Ball Super manga series. Previously, we saw how Gas tries to fight Goku. 

However, Goku has another idea where he "throws" the Gas as far away from the planet Cereal as possible. And the plan seems to have worked.

In chapter 83 yesterday, we then saw how Bardock's flashback story beat Gas through voice recording. 

There were many epic moments that were presented in yesterday's chapter, such as how Bardock begged the dragon ball that his child could grow well and be healthy and strong.

And many assume that it was Bardock's wish that shaped Goku today.

So, what happens in the next chapter? Chapter 84 itself is titled “Pride of the Warrior Race.” The chapter opens with Oeatmeel saying that the voice recording has finished playing. 

Monaito said that Bardock had left his scooter when he left the planet Cereal. 

Goku also says that he remembers what happened when he was little, including the faces of his father and mother.

Goku also says that he finally understands what is meant by Saiyan's Pride. However, on the other hand, Goku stated that his father didn't seem to have much power. 

However, Vegeta chimed in that he too had lost the meaning of which was much more important.

For him for now, what is more important is not to think too much about the sins of the Saiyans in the past, but rather to be proud of all the things that are the nature of the Saiyan race. 

Monaito was also happy to see how Bardock's determination was passed on to Vegeta and Goku. Monaito then gave the Saiyan armor to the two.

However, Goku and Vegeta admit that they don't feel comfortable with it and choose to wear the clothes they usually wear. Gas finally returned to the planet Cereal and arrived at Monaito's house. 

He again challenges the two Saiyans to a fight outside. Oil also seems to be approaching Gas.

Oil says Gas is wasting time. 

However, Gas then insisted that the fight would soon be over. And finally, the fight between Goku and Vegeta against Gas is back. Elec, Oil, and Maki watched the fight from their ship. 

Vegeta appears to be using the Ultra Ego technique again, and Goku is using Perfect Ultra Instinct.

Gas says that Goku and Vegeta are stupid because they fought against him. 

Goku and Vegeta both attack Gas at the same time, which Gas manages to stop both attacks with ease. 

Gas also manages to dodge kicks and punches from Vegeta and Goku very easily.

Gas then attacked the two with a Ki attack, but was dodged. Goku and Vegeta also use the "Kame Hame Ha" and "Galick Ho" techniques to counter Gas's attacks. 

Unfortunately, the attack was also unable to stop Gas, where Gas instead teleported behind the two fighters. 

Goku was then successfully stopped by Gas, even Goku was lying down.

Vegeta then creates a large ball of Ki, where he tells Goku to get out of the attack range. 

Vegeta says that he used the God of Destruction technique, where anything that touches the Ki ball is destroyed. 

Again, again Gas was able to withstand his attacks by creating a kind of shield from his energy.

There is an interesting piece of information that is presented in the battle, where Elec says that Gas comes from another Universe that is different from Granolah. It was still unknown what Elec meant, even Maki was confused. 

When Gas was about to finish off Vegeta, Goku then appeared and managed to save Vegeta. Vegeta then managed to beat Gas in the face.

Gas himself seemed confused, because he wondered how the injured Vegeta was still able to bring out the evil power that was used to beat him. 

Vegeta then explains that the pain that Gas gave him, instead became "fuel" for his strength. 

In other words, Vegeta grew stronger after receiving an attack that was the effect of Ultra Ego. 

Was Gas finally defeated by Goku and Vegeta? Let's just wait for the continuation of the story!

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