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One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Makes You Cry, Wano People Are Happy for Kaido's Defeat

The Wano arc is one of the longest storylines in the One Piece series.

It is known, the storyline of the Wano Arc started from One Piece 909 and is still running until the upcoming One Piece 1050.

Even though Kaido has been defeated by Luffy, it doesn't mean that the Wano Arc will end soon.

Kaido's defeat made the residents of Wano in One Piece 1050 free from the colonization and suffering they had experienced for 20 years.

In the previous One Piece 1049, there were two prayers of the residents of Wano written on the lanterns they flew and those prayers have been answered.

The first prayer is that the people of Wano hope that someone will succeed in defeating Kaido.

Meanwhile, the prayers of the two residents of Wano are that they hope that the Kozuki family can reunite.

After 20 years of waiting, the people of Wano finally got their freedom and happiness back in their country.

During the 20 years led by Kaido and Orochi, the people of Wano suffered from starvation because of the colonialism they both did.

Every year, the people of Wano are known to always pray that they will soon be freed from the torments carried out by Orochi.

Finally, to coincide with the celebration of the fire festival and the 20th anniversary of Kozuki Oden's death, the people of Wano are finally enjoying their freedom again.

When the residents of Wano find out that Kaido has been defeated by Luffy, fans will see them cry in tears in One Piece 1050.

Their tears broke when they learned that their country had been separated from Kaido's occupation.

They also hugged each other until some fell to their knees crying because they couldn't believe that Kaido had been defeated.

The moment of crying the residents of Wano will be one of the historical moments in the One Piece series.

Indeed, until now the residents of Wano who were celebrating the fire festival did not know that Onigashima had landed around the waters of the capital city of Flowers.

In One Piece 1050, the residents of Wano will soon find out that Onigashima has fallen.

They then flocked to the place where Onigashima fell to find out what had really happened.

The presence of the residents of the Flower capital seems to be imminent by helping the injured samurai.

Therefore, One Piece 1050 this time is predicted to feature cries of happiness from the residents of Wano for Kaido's defeat.

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