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One Piece: 7 Revolutionary Army Commanders with Highest Bounty

The Revolutionary Army is one of the greatest forces in the world of One Piece. They are led by the revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon.

The Revolutionary Army aims to overthrow the Heavenly Dragon and make the world a better place.

Over the years, this organization continued to grow in power and influence and forced the world to take it seriously.

Because of his power, there is a huge reward awaiting if anyone manages to defeat him or bring him to the world government alive or dead.

In the One Piece anime, this gift is called a bounty. Bounty is a bounty for a pirate in the world of One Piece.

The size of the bounty of a pirate is determined by the world government with criteria based on the strength and individual potential of a pirate in threatening the world government.

The following are the seven Revolutionary Army commanders with the highest bounties in the One Piece anime:

7. Ivankov

Ivankov was the commander of the Revolutionary Army's Outline troops. He is in Impel Down's government prison of his own free will, where he serves a purpose for Monkey D. Dragon.

Ivankov is a prisoner in Level 5 Impel Down, where the criminals with a bounty of more than 100 million berries.

6. Morley

Morley was the commander of the Western armies of the Revolutionary Army and of all commanders.

For those who can catch Morley, then the reward is equivalent to 293 million berries.

5. Lindbergh

Lindbergh led the Southern Army of the Revolutionary Army and had a higher bounty than Morley at 316 million berries.

Like Morley, he could also use Armament and Observation Haki, however, his true strength lay in his invention.

4. Karasu

Karasu leads the Northern Army of the Revolutionary Army and is one of the organization's strongest members.

He has a fairly threatening appearance and he is also skilled in the use of both types of Haki, like the other commanders.

Karasu is also an unnamed Devil Fruit user which is probably a Zoan type and allows him to transform into a raven slayer at will.

Referring to this reason, it is not surprising if Karasu's bounty reaches 400 million berries.

3. Belo Betty

Belo Betty has the highest bounty of all the top commanders of the Revolutionary Army with 457 million berries.

As the leader of the Eastern forces of the Revolutionary Army, Betty possesses the power of the Kobu Kobu no Mi which allows her to comfort others and bring out their hidden powers.

His Devil Fruit motivates people to fend for themselves and is perfect for representing what the Revolutionary Army is all about.

2. Sabo

Sabo is a very strong character. He served as Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, meaning his rank was second only to Dragon.

He was trained by Monkey D. Dragon himself, meaning he was quite skilled. Sabo is a user of Armament and Observation Haki.
Because of this power, Sabo's life is valued at 602 million berries.

1. Monkey D. Dragon

And this is the Revolutionary Army Commander with the highest bounty. 

Dragon is the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army and the leader of the organization.

He is very strong and over the years, Dragon is known as the Worst Villain in the World and is quite feared by the World Government.

The fact that he led the Revolutionary Army meant that he was the most capable person in the organization.

Unfortunately, Dragon's bounty hasn't been revealed yet, but it's likely much bigger than 1 billion berries.

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