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One Piece 1047 Spoiler: The Sky of The Capital

One Piece 1047 Spoiler: The Sky of The Capital

In general, One Piece 1047 still focuses on the continuation of the fierce battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Yonkou Kaido.

In One Piece 1047 both Luffy and Kaido throw attacks at each other.

Luffy is also shown releasing a surprising new technique in One Piece 1047.

The story of One Piece 1047 opens by showing the unstable condition of Onigashima Island.

Then Yamato is shown who continues to encourage Momonosuke to create a fire cloud.

The fire cloud will later be useful so that Onigashima Island does not fall and is stable.

However, Momonosuke was still in despair because he had not been able to create a hot cloud like Yamato wished.

In the midst of desperation, Momonosuke recalled the incident where Oden Castle burned down.

To save Momonosuke from a fire, Toki sends his son to the future.

Momonosuke is sent to the future with the loyal followers of Oden.

Toki also left a message so that Momonosuke could revive the Kozuki clan.

Kinemon as a follower asks Momonosuke to guide him in the future so he can take revenge on Oden.

Flashback ended, then moved to the roof of the castle Onigashima.

Where there is still Luffy's fight against Kaido.

One Piece 1047 Spoiler: The Sky of The Capital

Kaido looks surprised that Luffy can now wield lightning.

Luffy swiftly directed his Gomu Gomu no Thunder technique towards Kaido.

Kaido managed to avoid it, he also said that the power of the devil fruit is not too important to rule the world.

Kaido continued his rambling that Roger, who is not a devil fruit eater, could make big things that shocked the world by relying on Kaido.

Kaido who did the punch managed to hit Luffy until he was thrown far.

Luffy turned the ground where he fell into rubber causing him to bounce back up.

Seeing Luffy's unfavorable condition, Kaido turned into a dragon to issue a whirlwind technique containing a blade.

Kaido realized that Luffy who became rubber can still be cut with a knife.

Then the scene moves to the flower capital which is celebrating a party.

The people of the flower capital began to fly lanterns of hope.

This is also a sign that the fire festival is coming to an end, and they must return to life as Kaido's slaves.

Then the scene moves to Onigashima castle, where the warriors are worried about Boss Hyogoro's condition.

In addition, the warriors began to realize that Onigashima Island would fall.

Hearing all the worries of the warriors, Hyogoro gave two choices.

First Onigashima fell because Luffy defeated Kaido.

The fall of Onigashima will take its toll, including the warriors.

Both warriors are still alive because Onigashima didn't fall because Kaido won over Luffy.

Luffy's victory will make the lives of the samurai and their families to live better.

Next, the scene moves to Orochi. He can turn back into a zoan form because the sea stone stuck in his body is released.

It will be interesting whether Orochi will lose at the hands of Denjiro.

Then the scene moves back to Luffy's fight against Kaido.

Luffy makes a giant fist to attack Kaido.

This giant fist coated with the strongest advance haki is expected to defeat Kaido.

On the other hand, Momonosuke must prepare to create a fire cloud, when Kaido loses.

Luffy believes Momonosuke can do just that.

Thus the complete discussion of One Piece Manga 1047, entitled 'The Sky of The Capital'.

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