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Who is the Mysterious Figure in the Credit Scene No Way Home?

Who is the Mysterious Figure in the Credit Scene No Way Home?

After a long wait by fans from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, finally the third film in the Spider-Man series in the MCU, Spider-Man: No Way Home, is officially released. 

The fans are really very enthusiastic about the appearance of this film, which returns to continue the story of Peter Parker after what happened before in the film Far From Home.

As we know, Peter Parker's identity was finally made known to the world after the Mysterio video went viral thanks to J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle news network. 

With this information, Peter Parker's life is really messed up. And responding to this Peter was trying to make everything back to normal.

Peter then asked Stephen Strange for help to do this. 

However, it turns out that this desire is not easy. 

Great chaos actually occurred after Peter asked Doctor Strange for help. 

However, in the end, Peter was able to sort out all the mess he made. 

And Peter also finally got what he wanted, which was that everyone forgot he was Spider-Man.

As with other Marvel Studios films, we get two additional scenes in the mid-credits and also the post-credits. 

In the mid-credits scene, we see how the figures of Eddie Brock and Venom also appear to be present in the main MCU universe, and return to their universe after everything is finished. 

Then, in the post-credits scene, we get a “teaser” of what will be coming to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In the teaser we see how Doctor Strange meets Wanda Maximoff and then asks about the multiverse. Wanda then gave Strange an overview of the multiverse. 

What's interesting is that we also see how Strange interacts with Baron Mordo again. 

And at the end of the footage we are surprised by something extraordinary.

In the narrative spoken by Mordo, he says that the most dangerous figure in the world is actually Strange. 

And then we see Stephen Strange face to face with a mysterious figure who has a similar appearance to himself. 

Who exactly is this figure? Is the figure really Stephen Strange?

Stephen Strange Evil Version

Who is the Mysterious Figure in the Credit Scene No Way Home?

The mysterious figure who looks scary and looks like Doctor Strange is indeed Stephen Strange. 

However, he is not from the world where the MCU is, aka Stephen Strange is from another universe. 

The mysterious figure seems to be Strange Supreme. 

This character is arguably a new character in the MCU.

This Strange Supreme character is the first character introduced in the What If…? fourth episode. 

He is from the alternate universe Earth-199999. 

In the episode itself, it is shown how Stephen Strange did not lose the function of his arm in the accident he experienced, but his lover, Christine Palmer.

Instead of an act of heroism that then emerged from the sadness, Strange actually turned into a very obsessive figure. 

He was so obsessed with resurrecting his lover. 

In addition to studying in the Taj Room, Strange also learned from various references including various books or books that were banned because they were dangerous and contained evil magic.

Strange himself didn't care about that, as long as he could resurrect his lover. 

And in the end, after awakening various interdimensional beings or scary creatures from other dimensions and then absorbing their power and energy, the side effects started to appear. 

In addition to the absorbed power, it turns out that the evil energy that is in the monster is also sucked in by Strange, which causes him to turn evil.

And finally Strange was known as Strange Supreme thanks to his powerful abilities. 

The Ancient One and Doctor Strange from other universes try to stop the Strange Supreme, warning him that a paradox will occur. 

When Strange manages to save Christine, the whole world is at stake. 

And sure enough, the whole world was finally destroyed by Strange Supreme's actions.

Other Versions?

Who is the Mysterious Figure in the Credit Scene No Way Home?

Actually, talking about the evil version of Stephen Strange, it's also in the comic version. 

His name is Necromancer. 

The necromancer is Stephen Strange from Counter-Earth, a universe created by a character called High Evolutionary. 

The story of Stephen Strange in the universe is similar to what we know today, except that Strange kills Baron Mordo who killed the Ancient One in that universe.

The necromancer then goes on an adventure to various universes and dimensions. 

He has an evil plan to use the Book of the Vishanti, to conquer the earth in the main universe.

However, what happened was that he was trapped in a dimensional being called Eternity. 

After being freed due to Gamora not being aware of the existence of the Necromancer in Eternity, he then fights against the real Doctor Strange and his allies. 

Strange manages to trick the Necromancer into exploding.

Main Villain?

Who is the Mysterious Figure in the Credit Scene No Way Home?

The appearance of a mysterious figure who is suspected to be the evil version of Stephen Strange raises the question, will he be the main villain in the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? 

So far, we still don't know much about the film. 

However, various rumors related to the film have indeed been circulating in cyberspace.

An example is the reappearance of Baron Mordo's figure in the film, which was later confirmed through the teaser. 

Then the news that Wanda would also appear in the film was confirmed through the short teaser. 

And speaking of rumors and the main villain of the film, there were many rumors circulating about who would be the villain that Strange would face.

There are rumors that Wanda will be the main villain, after what happened at WandaVision. 

Who is the Mysterious Figure in the Credit Scene No Way Home?

Then there were also rumors that Nightmare would be the main villain. 

However, with the introduction of the Strange Supreme figure through the teaser, there is a possibility that he will be the main villain in the Doctor Strange 2 film later.

This is reminiscent of the words of Kevin Feige who said that the Marvel TV series and the film would be connected. 

Maybe it's the Strange Supreme figure who then wreaks havoc in the Marvel multiverse, because he absorbs various scary creatures that exist in various universes – if you refer to the series. 

And it may also be presented in the film later.

It's certainly interesting to see the appearance of other variations of Doctor Strange in the MCU. 

That is, for the second time the MCU will present characters from alternative realities after what was presented in the film No Way Home. 

However, what is of course is that this will be the first evil alternative character to appear in the MCU.

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