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Boruto: Why is Momoshiki Attacking Code?

Boruto: Why is Momoshiki Attacking Code?

Boruto's situation is currently critical in the story in the manga series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

In the previous chapter it was shown how Boruto was unconscious and felt pain after the Karma seal on his body appeared. 

At that time, Boruto himself managed to use his power without Momoshiki interfering and taking over his body.

However, the fact is that it is still not enough to be able to deal with Code. 

And now, in chapter 65 it is known that what happened to Boruto happened far more terrible than imagined. 

What the fans feared finally happened. 

Boruto's body in pain turns out to be starting to be possessed again or taken over by Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

Even so, what's interesting is that Momoshiki actually helps Boruto. Momoshiki himself eventually took over Boruto's body after Boruto felt excruciating pain in his body, and Momoshiki then asked Boruto to switch bodies with him. 

Boruto: Why is Momoshiki Attacking Code?

This is what distinguishes what happened before and now. Momoshiki doesn't insist on taking over Boruto's body.

It's certainly interesting how Momoshiki wants to help Boruto deal with Code. 

There was a brief fight between Borushiki and Code. 

In this fight, Kawaki was about to be taken by Code but was thwarted by Borushiki with the Rasendan technique. 

The question then is why did Momoshiki want to help Boruto to finish off Code?

There are several possibilities regarding this. 

First, as is well known, Isshiki and Momoshiki are enemies. 

Although they are both sent to "destroy" the earth, but the two are rivals. 

Momoshiki's deep hatred for Isshiki became one of his motivations to help Boruto defeat Code.

On the other hand, Momoshiki himself knew that Isshiki was dead. 

Boruto: Why is Momoshiki Attacking Code?

And Momoshiki also knew that Code was the person Isshiki trusted to continue his mission. 

It was this hatred of Isshiki that then made Momoshiki try to make Code unsuccessful with his mission. 

Another possibility is that Momoshiki has a hidden mission.

How Borushiki tried to save Kawaki from being kidnapped by Code certainly raises a question mark. Momoshiki may have a personal interest in Kawaki, in which case Momoshiki may want to make Kawaki his victim. 

Meanwhile, Code wants Kawaki because it's a deal with Eida - even though Code wants to make Kawaki a sacrifice for the 10-tailed monster.

Luckily for Code, the fight that ensued between them was short-lived before Naruto and Shikamaru appeared. 

When the two arrived, Borushiki changed his mind. 

Instead, he helped Code to confront the two of them, because Momoshiki claimed a grudge against Naruto. 

Boruto: Why is Momoshiki Attacking Code?

As we know, when Momoshiki appeared he had time to face Naruto, Boruto, and Sasuke.

Thanks to the cooperation between them, Momoshiki was finally defeated. 

And then Momoshiki entered Boruto's body by leaving the Karma seal. 

In addition, Momoshiki also helps Code to defeat Naruto because Naruto is considered to be blocking his big plan. 

And this situation makes Naruto have to take wise actions.

The situation of the fight against Code is even more complicated with the appearance of the Karma seal on Kawaki's body, after it is believed to be missing. 

This is after Kawaki absorbs the Rasengan launched by Borushiki. 

Will Borushiki be successfully eliminated?

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