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One Piece: Lunarian Race Has Unique Characteristics

One Piece: Lunarian Race Has Unique Characteristics

The Lunarian race has been in the spotlight of One Piece fans lately since it was first referenced by the figure of Queen in the fight against Sanji. 

In the fight Queen had mentioned that Sanji, who has the ability to generate fire from his kicks, is considered part of the Lunarian race. 

For now, not much information is known about the Lunarian race.

Based on what is known so far, the Lunarian race or tribe is a tribe that once lived in the Red Line, where this area is currently the territory of the sky dragons. 

In fact, there is also their residence and their kingdom, namely Mary Geoise. 

The Lunarian race is also referred to as the race of the gods.

However, we still don't know what the Lunarian race looks like until we see a little picture of the figure of King. 

King is said to be part of the Lunarian race, until Queen confirms that King is the last person of the Lunarian race alive. 

King himself is currently fighting Zoro.

One Piece: Lunarian Race Has Unique Characteristics

In his fight against Zoro, his mask was successfully damaged on the face by Zoro. 

And the features of King's face could be seen, although not yet clearly. 

Based on this, a lot of speculation then arose among fans about the physical form of the Lunarian race. 

There is a theory that King has a dark skin tone.

This is based on the color selection presented in the manga, which usually depicts characters with dark skin tones. 

Then for her own hair color, it might be blonde. 

This is also based on the color that is presented to the characters in the manga, which is usually given to characters who have blonde or light hair.

However, in the leaked chapter 1035 we finally get the true picture of King and also the Lunarian race. 

One Piece: Lunarian Race Has Unique Characteristics

In the leak, it is stated that the mask used so far by King finally shattered and came off. 

The true face of King's figure was finally revealed, and from that we finally know what the characteristics of the Lunarian race are like.

According to his description, King has physical characteristics, namely having black wings, gray hair, and brown skin. 

And what's interesting about this is the information about how if there is someone who can inform the World Government of their whereabouts, there will be a reward of 100 million Belly given.

Based on this it might finally be understood why then King covered not only his face, but also his entire body. 

King tries to protect himself from the pursuit of many people, who are after his life. 

Because, if later many people knew where he was or someone knew that the Lunarian race was still alive, it was not impossible that the World Government would intervene.

And what is also interesting is that the name of King turns out to be Arbel/Albert/Albel. 

One Piece: Lunarian Race Has Unique Characteristics

Why then did he get the name 'King'? 

Did Kaido make it? 

It is still a big mystery for now. 

To be sure, for now, at least we already know a little bit more about the Lunarian race.

However, it is still a big question why they can be destroyed. 

And what then was the reason they were exterminated. 

Are they against the government? 

Or did they make a big mistake? 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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