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One Piece: How to Recruit the Shichibukai!

One Piece: How to Recruit the Shichibukai!

The Shichibukai are one of the great powers in the world of One Piece. 

They are one of the forces that maintain the balance of power in the world. 

Shichibukai itself is a unique system formed by the World Government. Why is it unique? 

Because, if pirates are usually the enemy of the navy and government, the Shichibukai are the exact opposite.

The pirates and the government and the navy cooperated to form a kind of "extra power" in which these pirates did the tasks assigned by the navy. 

For example, capturing other powerful pirates or assisting the government on a major mission, such as during the great war at Marineford, where we saw the Shichibukai being in the same line as the navy.

The question that then arises in the minds of all fans, of course, is what makes a pirate a part of the Shichibukai? 

How do they recruit pirates to be part of the Shichibukai? 

One Piece: How to Recruit the Shichibukai!

There are several methodologies for the navy to recruit pirates who are deemed worthy to become Shichibukai.

The main requirement is that there are available spaces or vacancies. 

If there is one Shichibukai position that is vacant, either because it was removed from the system or for some other reason, then other pirates may and can fill that position. 

A clear example of this is Jinbe and also Crocodile, who was later replaced by Blackbeard and also Buggy and Trafalgar Law.

However, even though the position is open, it doesn't mean every pirate can become a Shichibukai. 

They must be able to prove to the navy and the World Government about the strength and abilities they have, especially when dealing with other great pirates. 

After that, if later accepted, they will immediately declare their allegiance to the World Government.

An example of this is Blackbeard, who won over Portgas D. Ace and he then delivered Ace's body to the navy. 

Or Trafalgar Law who sent 100 pirate hearts to the naval headquarters. 

Their achievements made the World Government finally offer Shichibukai positions to the two.

Apart from volunteering and proving their abilities, another method is extortion or coercion. 

One Piece: How to Recruit the Shichibukai!

This was once done by Donquxiote Doflamingo who threatened to reveal the great secret of the celestial dragons, if they did not restore their status as part of the celestial dragons or if Dofy was not made part of the Shichibukai.

Then, the World Government can also submit or make an offer to a pirate. 

Usually, pirates who are offered an offer by the World Government to become part of the Shichibukai are pirates who have proven their abilities and reputation. 

They are also known to have a very large game value.

For example, the proven Dracule Mihawk is the best swordsman. 

Or Boa Hancock, who is known to be strong and is considered a great pirate. 

Several other pirates such as Jinbe, Buggy, and even Ace had received offers from the World Government to fill the position of Shichibukai. 

So far, there is no definite information about what will happen if the offer to become a Shichibukai is rejected.

One Piece: How to Recruit the Shichibukai!

However, according to one of Arlong's men, Chew, those who refuse the offer to become a Shichibukai will increase their bounty drastically. 

But, so far, there has been no concrete form of punishment if anyone refuses the offer. 

But, fortunately, the Shichibukai system itself has now been disbanded because it is considered dangerous and does not bring too much benefit.

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