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Naruto: These 5 Great Jutsus Have Weaknesses!

Naruto: These 5 Great Jutsus Have Weaknesses!

The whole story in the Naruto series focuses on the world of the shinobi and also the various Jutsu or techniques they master. 

There are various powerful Jutsus that have been presented in the series, ranging from Jutsus that are only owned by certain clans or certain chakras, to the amount of chakra possessed by a shinobi.

It's no wonder then that there are a lot of Jutsu or ninja techniques. 

However, while there are many incredible Jutsus that fans are crazy about, there are also great techniques that either realize or don't have weaknesses. 

Here is a list of great Jutsu that turns out to have weaknesses.

1. Rasenshuriken

Naruto: These 5 Great Jutsus Have Weaknesses!

Rasenshuriken is a Jutsu or ninja technique developed by Uzumaki Naruto. Basically, this technique is a Rasengan which is then formed by Naruto into a large shuriken form. 

If an ordinary Rasengan can be very deadly, then it is certain that the Rasenshuriken has a much more powerful effect on the enemy.

Unfortunately, the technique presented for this long-range attack has a weakness. 

One of the most critical is when the attack fails to hit its target. 

If the user then fails to hit the target, they will lose a large amount of chakra, considering that making a Rasengan and forming it into a Rasenshuriken requires a large amount of chakra.

2. Shinra Tensei

Naruto: These 5 Great Jutsus Have Weaknesses!

Shinra Tensei or Universal Push is one of the most powerful and most powerful Jutsu in the Naruto series. 

One of the characters known to have used this technique is Pain. 

The Akatsuki member used Shinra Tensei to destroy the entire Konoha village. 

However, there is a major weakness that arises from the Shinra Tensei technique.

The weakness is that it takes about 5 seconds for the user to reactivate this Jutsu after being used before. 

The five second pause may sound normal and doesn't appear to be a weakness, but for shinobi who rely on speed, 5 second pause is enough to turn things around.

3. Amenominaka

Naruto: These 5 Great Jutsus Have Weaknesses!

Amenominaka is a teleportation and consecutive attack technique possessed by Kaguya Otsutsuki. 

This jutsu really makes any opponent lose easily. 

Those trapped in that dimension could hardly do much, before a barrage of attacks hit them.

Although it sounds terrible, the specific weakness of this Jutsu is that Kaguya, who incidentally is the user, is also affected by the Jutsu. 

It took a long time for Kaguya to then be able to adjust to the dimension she came to. 

This of course can give the enemy time to counterattack.

4. Izanagi and Izanami

Naruto: These 5 Great Jutsus Have Weaknesses!

Izanagi and Izanami are the two strongest techniques possessed by the Uchiha clan. 

Izanagi is a technique where the user can manifest what is in the user's mind, to prevent death. 

While Izanami is a technique where the user will trap and lock the enemy in their mind.

However, while sounding perfect, both techniques also had their drawbacks. 

After using one of these techniques, the user will lose one of his eyes. 

This was shown when Danzo fought Sasuke, where Danzo continued to lose all his Sharingan after continuously using Izanagi. 

In Itachi and Sasuke's fight against Kabuto, Itachi had to lose one of his eyes after trapping Kabuto with the Izanami technique.

5. Chibaku Tensei

Naruto: These 5 Great Jutsus Have Weaknesses!

Chibaku Tensei or Planetary Devastation is one of the most powerful Jutsu in the Naruto series. 

This jutsu was first used by the Six Path Sage Hagoromo Otsutsuki and his younger brother, Hamura Otsutsuki. 

Naruto and Sasuke then do the same thing against the same target, Kaguya Otsutsuki. 

This technique keeps Kaguya sealed for a long time.

Sasuke then uses this technique to seal the tailed beasts to steal their chakra. 

This terrible jutsu also has one weakness, namely the "planet" or moon created from this Jutsu can be destroyed with a very strong long-range attack.

Jutsu or ninja techniques were created for various purposes, but of course the main thing is to help the shinobi to win the battle against their enemies. 

Even so, there are consequences or weaknesses of the Jutsu they use, which makes them have to carefully consider these weaknesses, so as not to backfire on them.

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