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Boruto: Kusanagi, Sasuke's Forgotten Sword!

Boruto: Kusanagi, Sasuke's Forgotten Sword!

The Naruto Shippuden series besides giving us a new story where the young Konoha shinobi are starting to grow up, we also see new abilities, new characters, and also new weapons introduced in the series. 

One of the characters who get the addition of new powers is Uchiha Sasuke. 

His appearance in the Shippuden series, is no less epic when he appears in the Naruto series.

Not only that, Sasuke also grew into a much stronger figure than the one Naruto had met before. 

Sasuke himself was known at that time to use a legendary sword known as Kusanagi. 

The Kusanagi sword owned by Sasuke is different from the original Kusanagi owned by Orochimaru.

The Kusanagi sword owned by Orochimaru can be mentally controlled and can also be used for long-distance combat. 

Unfortunately, Sasuke's Kusanagi sword doesn't have all the uniqueness and advantages that Orochimaru has. 

Apart from only being able to drain Sasuke's electric chakra, Sasuke's Kusanagi sword looks like any other ordinary sword. 

However, whether he realizes it or not, his sword has a unique ability.

Kusanagi's Loss of Power

Boruto: Kusanagi, Sasuke's Forgotten Sword!

The first time Sasuke used the Kusanagi sword was when he fought Team Kakashi, when they were trying to capture Sasuke. 

Sasuke himself tried to slash Sakura with this sword, but the attack was thwarted by Yamato. 

When Yamato tried to block his attack with a kunai, Sasuke's Kusanagi experienced a "disappearing" moment so the blade pierced Yamato's body.

Sasuke himself explained that his Kusanagi was impossible to contain. 

After that moment, unfortunately, Sasuke's extraordinary Kusanagi ability is never again shown or mentioned in the story. 

Sasuke fights using the Kusanagi sword when facing other enemies, but when an attack comes, Sasuke prefers to avoid or hold it.

Until now there is no clear and definite explanation as to why people were able to restrain Sasuke's Kusanagi, or why the Kusanagi lost its power or could no longer be used. 

How Kusanagi was able to be resisted by the other swords was forgotten and Sasuke continued to wield a regular sword throughout the rest of the series.

Kusanagi Too Strong?

Boruto: Kusanagi, Sasuke's Forgotten Sword!

Although the exact explanation as to why Sasuke's Kusanagi is no longer able to use his powerful ability, it is possible that the reason why the ability is no longer being used is because it is too strong. 

A sword that cannot be resisted or cannot be resisted will become the most powerful sword and weapon in the entire Naruto franchise.

The sword used by the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist of course will only look like an ordinary sword, if you then have to deal with Sasuke's Kusanagi sword. 

Those who fought Sasuke, and then confronted his Kusanagi sword, were sure to lose. 

Obito has almost the same ability as Sasuke's Kusanagi ability.

With the power of his Sharingan, Obito is able to penetrate any attack so that no one is able to touch him. 

Obito himself can only be defeated by Hatake Kakashi, who uses the same ability and high speed. 

Kakashi was able to attack Obito before he used his flagship ability.

Need Something Else

Boruto: Kusanagi, Sasuke's Forgotten Sword!

With Kusanagi now able to be restrained, it means that Sasuke's Kusanagi sword is no different from other swords in this entire franchise. 

Even though Sasuke displayed a formidable ability with his weapon, there was nothing else that made his Kusanagi special. 

The sword has become one of the important keys in Sasuke's fighting style.

On the other hand, this has also become an iconic thing from the series and also the character of Sasuke. 

It would be a pity if nothing special was presented from the sword. 

At least Masashi Kishimoto can provide one other uniqueness of Kusanagi Sasuke, which distinguishes it from all the swords in the story.

In the Boruto series, Sasuke has a new sword that also doesn't have any unique or powerful powers. 

In a flashforward moment, it is shown how Sasuke's sword is then used by Boruto in the future. 

How the sword changed owners would have a more dramatic and greater impact if there was something special about the sword. 

For now, it looks like the sword looks like a normal sword.

Being able to break through all existing defenses and being impossible to withstand by anything became an ability that was almost invincible by anyone.

Perhaps this is the reason why Masashi Kishimoto decided to remove that ability from Sasuke's Kusanagi sword. 

Sasuke himself already has many powerful abilities, and if Kusanagi's abilities persist, Sasuke will become an overpowered character.

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