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One Piece: Post Wano, Will Luffy's Bounty Increase?

One Piece: Post Wano, Will Luffy's Bounty Increase?

The ultimate battle in Onigashima is getting more exciting and the tension itself is increasing, where the Worst Generation has put out their best ability to face two strong Yonko, Kaido and Big Mom, as well as other characters who are part of the Beast pirate group alliance. 

Kaido and Big Mom began to show their true abilities in the fight.

This big battle in Onigashima seems to be a testament to the promise of Oda Sensei, who previously mentioned that the Wano arc will be the most excited, the most epic, and the biggest arc in the One Piece series, at least for now. 

Oda also said that the peak battle in this arc will make the battle at Marineford feel so small.

And so far, this seems to have been proven. With very high tension, endless attacks, even they all had to give their all, became proof of how fierce the battle in Onigashima was. 

This event also received the attention of many parties, including the navy and the World Government.

Based on this, there is a high possibility that the game value of the Straw Hats, especially Luffy, will skyrocket like what happened after the events at Enies Lobby. 

And there is also a possibility that Luffy will get the highest bounty among the four Yonko. 

How then could it happen? We can look in the mirror from the figure of Blackbeard.

Blackbeard started his pirate career from scratch and had no reputation. 

However, his current bounty is 2.2 billion Belly. This figure is the result of what he has done before, such as defeating Ace, stealing Impel Down's level 6 prisoners, defeating Whitebeard (though not directly) and taking his territory, defeating the Worst Generation, and also facing the Revolutionary Army and Cipher Pol.

Looking at Blackbeard's figure, it must be admitted that what he did to get to this point was truly extraordinary. 

And the most extraordinary thing of course is how he was able to finish off Whitebeard, who is the figure who has the greatest bounty in the world, namely 5 billion Belly. 

However, there is a big difference between Luffy and Blackbeard in the situation of defeating a Yonko.

One Piece: Post Wano, Will Luffy's Bounty Increase?

First, who started the war with Whitebeard? 

The answer is the World Government and the navy, after they announced they would execute Ace. 

It was this that created a confrontation between the navy, the Shichibukai, and Whitebeard's group. 

This battle really upset the balance of world power.

This is different from Luffy who has openly declared war on Kaido and Big Mom's alliance in Wano and Onigashima. 

Based on this, Blackbeard does not get credit for what he has done, such as defeating Whitebeard. 

People only saw Blackbeard finish off Whitebeard after he fought the navy and the World Government.

Although at first Kaido was faced by several people at once, but as we know now, Kaido was faced by Luffy himself. 

In fact, Yamato himself realized that Luffy wanted to defeat Kaido alone. 

And that's what made the difference between Luffy and Blackbeard's war.

Since it was Luffy who started all the chaos and stuff, it meant that people knew Luffy was responsible for it, and he would be the one to get his confession. 

This gave rise to a prediction among fans stating that Luffy's bounty would reach 5 Billion Belly, exceeding the bounty of Kaido and Big Mom.

One Piece: Post Wano, Will Luffy's Bounty Increase?

Currently, Luffy's bounty is only 1 billion Belly. 

However, seeing what he has done, it is not impossible if Luffy is able to get a large bounty. 

And there are several things that support it. 

First, Luffy is currently facing the most powerful and most "expensive" figure in the world, namely Kaido.

Kaido himself has a bounty of 4.611 billion Belly, which if totaled with Big Mom's bounty it will reach almost 9 billion Belly. Luffy did not face the two, where only Kaido Luffy faced. 

However, Kaido is the most expensive figure right now. If Luffy wins, it will drastically increase Luffy's bounty.

The incident of Kaido's defeat against Luffy will of course be broadcast to the whole world, which will let everyone know about this news. 

The news that was broadcast also helped improve Luffy's reputation. 

As was the case in the Whole Cake Island arc, it was stated that Luffy was a great newcomer pirate – although that's a bit of an exaggeration – and that image built up further increases his bounty.

One Piece: Post Wano, Will Luffy's Bounty Increase?

Another element in this is how Kaido is then labeled a loser for losing, and Luffy will be considered the winner. 

Luffy would be considered an extraordinary figure because of what he did; enter Kaido's territory, defeat his commanders, destroy their castles, defeat Kaido, and so on.

What Luffy has done on Whole Cake Island has earned Luffy a bounty of 1 billion Belly. 

Logically, with everything he has done since the WCI arc until the end of Wano, it means that Luffy will certainly experience a drastic increase in bounty. 

And the increase in the value of this game may well exceed the value of the two Yonko.

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