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Attack on Titan: 5 Powers of the Ackerman Clan!

Attack on Titan: 5 Powers of the Ackerman Clan!

The Ackerman clan is one of the most mysterious clans in the Attack on Titan story. 

We have been shown with several members of the Ackerman clan, namely Kenny Ackerman, Levi Ackerman, and Mikasa Ackerman. 

The Ackerman family itself is known to be one of the clans who know about what happened in the past on the island of Paradis.

Being one of the elite and most popular clans throughout the story, they are widely relied on by the Survey Corps team, and also feared by their enemies, especially those from outside the island of Paradis. 

While there were also negatives they had to go through, here are some of the great things about the Ackerman clan.

1. Have High Combat Intelligence

Attack on Titan: 5 Powers of the Ackerman Clan!

The Ackerman clan is known to be the most powerful humans in the story, and that's not without reason. They have extraordinary fighting intelligence. 

They can think quickly how to get out of a life and death situation. 

This fighting intelligence will certainly be very useful in the fight against the Titans. 

In fact, thanks to this, the Ackermans are often trusted to make plans.

This great ability makes them a good leader. 

Because they are able to lead their troops by setting a great example. 

When the Ackerman clan drew up a battle plan, the entire Survey Corps would follow the plan because they believed in the Ackerman clan's abilities.

2. Can't Be a Titan

Attack on Titan: 5 Powers of the Ackerman Clan!

The Ackerman clan are the only humans known to be unable to transform into Titans. 

Those who can turn into Titans are those who have pure blood or original descendants from the Eldia nation. 

Mikasa and Levi are part of the Ackerman clan, which makes them ineffective against the power of the Founding Titan.

Members of the Asian Clan are not part of the Subjects of Ymir. 

Because of that, Mikasa, who is half Ackerman and half Asian, will not be able to inherit Titan's power. 

The Ackerman clan also doesn't have to deal with terrible things like their short lifespan or being able to be controlled by the owner of the Founding Titan's power. 

The Ackerman clan is indeed here to protect humans from the Titans, so it's only natural that they are not affected by the Titan's power.

3. Has Superhuman Strength

Attack on Titan: 5 Powers of the Ackerman Clan!

The experiment that eventually became the birth of the Ackerman clan gave them many advantages, one of which was ability enhancement. 

The Ackerman clan is known to have superhuman strength. 

Kenny Ackerman is known as The Ripper because he is a cold-blooded killer. 

He used his power to kill the lives of others, so that he could live.

Mikasa Ackerman was able to use his powers to kill a group of people, allowing him to survive. 

Mikasa can also take down a group of Titans alone and Levi, as we know, is the most powerful human in the story. 

As mentioned above, the Ackerman clan is destined to protect humans from Titan attacks, which is why their abilities are above average.

4. Have agility and speed

Attack on Titan: 5 Powers of the Ackerman Clan!

In addition to having tremendous physical strength, the Ackerman clan is also known for their speed and agility. 

This speed and agility are their strengths to be able to face the Titans. 

Levi's quick reaction ability was able to help him conquer Titan at a young age. 

This ability is even more powerful when Levi, Mikasa, and Kenny, use ODM gear.

Their abilities are hard for ordinary people to match. In fact, it is also mentioned that Levi's speed far exceeds the speed of the Jaw Titan. 

The ability to be able to move fast and agile is a tool for the Ackerman clan, to be able to survive in battle.

5. Their Memories Can't Be Erased

Attack on Titan: 5 Powers of the Ackerman Clan!

The emergence of the Ackerman clan was caused by genetic engineering of the Eldian lineage. 

Experiments conducted on this group of people resulted in offspring who were no longer bound by the power of the Founding Titan. 

If the Subjects of Ymir were able to be erased from their memories by the power of the Founding Titan, it was different with the Ackerman clan. 

Their memories cannot be erased or altered by the power of the Founding Titan.

Because of this, the Ackerman clan often saw the world as it should be and as it really is. 

Their judgments as well as their actions are not determined by someone who influences them. 

They can think according to their wishes and point of view. 

They are also free to act according to what they believe, without having to fear the Founding Titan will control their memories or thoughts.

In the story of Attack on Titan, there are many popular clans or families such as the Yeager family, Fritz, and others. 

However, the Ackerman clan was different from other clans. 

They are known to be the strongest clan and also they are considered an important clan because they know about the history that is happening in the world. 

They are also considered the most powerful and the most popular.

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