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One Piece: Is Awakening as Strong as Advanced Conqueror Haki/Haoshoku Haki?

One Piece: Is Awakening as Strong as Advanced Conqueror Haki/Haoshoku Haki?

In the last few chapters of the One Piece manga series, we saw how the characters involved in the battles in Wano experienced an increase in strength.

We saw how Luffy was able to balance his power with Kaido.

Then Sanji and Zoro were able to match the other two All-Stars.

Then we also see how Law and Kid's abilities when using Awakening to face Big Mom.

However, the topic of discussion among fans regarding these two things is whether Awakening or the power of the devil fruit awakening experienced by Law and Kid is as strong as Advanced Conqueror Haki (Haoshoku Haki).

These are indeed two different things, and both of them also have their respective strengths that can be used to deal with enemies.

Advanced Haoshoku Haki Damage Existing Power Level System?

With the further introduction of Advanced Haoshoku Haki in recent chapters, fans have questioned the impact of this on the power level system in the series.

Some fans themselves don't really agree about the concept of Advanced Haoshoku Haki only for those who are the strongest among the strongest.

That is, when there is someone who already has or mastered the Haki, then that person will be able to defeat anyone in this world.

Technically, this is true, but it's not that simple.

It must be admitted that those with Advanced Haoshoku Haki abilities are only those who are strong or those who are chosen.

Those who have this ability can also be said to have very powerful strength. 

However, it is likely that there are several levels of power and potential that those capable of using Advanced Haoshoku Haki can possess. 

This means that having this ability does not mean that one is invincible. 

An example of this is Luffy and Kaido.

Luffy does have the Advanced Haoshoku Haki ability, and in the fight against Kaido, he also showed that ability. 

However, it was proven that Luffy was able to be defeated by Kaido easily. 

Likewise with Kaido, where even though Kaido has long had the Advanced Haoshoki Haki ability, Luffy is proven to be able to match - or even surpass - Kaido's abilities.

Is Awakening As Powerful As Advanced Haoshoku Haki?

One Piece: Is Awakening as Strong as Advanced Conqueror Haki/Haoshoku Haki?

This is also one of the questions that has arisen among One Piece fans lately. 

The Wano arc is nearing its end, and fans themselves are really curious about whether Luffy will (also) show an Awakening or an awakening from his devil fruit. 

Although it is something that could happen, but it is not yet known when it will happen.

However, the point that fans have been waiting for in this case is the battle between Awakening and Advanced Haoshoku Haki. 

Kaido is known to have succeeded in awakening the Zoan power of his devil fruit. 

However, what matters is how the Awakening of a Zoan-type devil fruit is different from a Logia or Paramecia-type devil fruit.

As the owner of the Zoan devil fruit, Kaido will basically get an increase in everything, from speed, strength, agility, and so on. 

Meanwhile, the owner of Paramecia is known to be able to change his surroundings. 

For Logia itself so far it is still unknown what kind of ability or power when resurrected.

That's why it's quite reasonable to assume that Luffy has been fighting Kaido in the Awakening version throughout the Wano arc. 

And Luffy himself in dealing with Kaido always uses his Advanced Haoshoku Haki. 

That is, based on these observations, with Kaido using his Awakened Uo Uo and Luffy with Advanced Haoshoku, it can be concluded that Awakening is able to match or be as strong as Advanced Haoshoku Haki.

This also reaffirms one of the sentences above which states that Advanced Haoshoku Haki, is not the end for the power level system in the One Piece series. 

If indeed Advanced Haoshoku Haki is the strongest, logically Luffy has long been able to defeat Kaido and not the other way around.


One Piece: Is Awakening as Strong as Advanced Conqueror Haki/Haoshoku Haki?

Although Advanced Haoshoku Haki can only be done by those who are strong, it doesn't mean that Awakening can't match its strength. And vice versa. 

Neither is much stronger or much weaker than the other. 

Both are equally strong and extraordinary. 

In the One Piece story, those who have devil fruit abilities are required to be creative.

Because, if the devil fruit owner is not creative then they will not be able to develop the power of the devil fruit. 

For example, if Luffy doesn't have the creativity to develop the various Gears techniques he has, then you could say the Gomu Gomu devil fruit that he has will not be able to develop as it is now. 

And it is not impossible that Luffy will not be able to awaken his devil fruit if he is not creative.

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