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10 Disney Animated Movies with Bad Ratings by Rotten Tomatoes

10 Disney Animated Movies with Bad Ratings by Rotten Tomatoes

Walt Disney Studios is one of the best film production houses in the world. 

There have been many films with different genres released every year. 

Almost all the films that come out of Walt Disney Studios are warmly welcomed by fans.

In fact, not all Disney movies always get high ratings. 

There are also many animated films made by Disney that don't get the attention of fans so they don't sell well in the market.

There are at least ten Disney animated films that get bad ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. 

In fact, it's worth less than 50 percent!

1. Considered unpleasant, Pocahontas must be satisfied with a 55 percent rating. In fact, this Disney film about Native American is inspiring.

2. Robin Hood forms a group of criminals in Sherwood Forest. Although funny, critics felt the animation was weak so the rating was 54 percent.

3. A trio of cows in Home on the Range fight to save the farm from criminals. With a 53 percent rating, this film is still a favorite of children.

4. Having to settle for a 50 percent rating, according to critics, Oliver & Company has a predictable storyline. However, the animation is entertaining.

5. Also getting a 50 percent rating, Bambi II was not as successful as the first film. Critics found the film funny, but average.

6. Captain Hook kidnaps Jane and Wendy in Peter Pan: Return to Never Land. Get 46 percent, the songs of this film is considered easy to forget.

7. Rated with a 46 percent rating, Planes: Fire & Rescue tells the story of an airplane race. Although the story is flat, this film is very family friendly.

8. Brother Bear has a powerful and inspiring story. This film about a human who turns into a bear can only get a rating of 37 percent.

9. Famous in the 2000s era, Chicken Little had to settle for a 36 percent rating. According to critics, Disney needs to strengthen the storyline.

10. The rating is below 20 percent, The Jungle Book 2 only gets 18 percent. This film tells the story of Mowgli who escapes into the forest.

Behind the big name of Walt Disney Studios, it turns out that there is also an animated film made by him that received a bad rating from critics.

This is due to various things, such as the storyline that is not strong enough and the songs are not memorable.

There's your favorite animated film, right?

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