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Solo Leveling Season 2, When Will It Be Released?

Solo Leveling Season 2, When Will It Be Released?

The popular Manhwa adaptation anime Solo Leveling succeeded in presenting a new phenomenon in its first season and they officially announced season 2. 

Even though the popularity of Manhwa is currently at its peak, the anime adaptation is still not very popular. 

There are not many Manhwa anime adaptations that are able to bring popularity throughout the world. 

However, this is different from the Solo Leveling animated series project.

Solo Leveling is an anime adaptation of the successful and popular Manhwa of the same name by Chu-Gong. The first season of the series itself succeeded in becoming a new phenomenon. 

The popularity of Solo Leveling can be said to be almost similar to the success that Demon Slayer currently has. 

The first season of the anime series itself has just finished. 

However, fans have received good news regarding plans for Solo Leveling season 2.

Solo Leveling Season 2, When Will It Be Released?

The staff from the series itself yesterday officially presented a teaser trailer which provided information that they would present season 2 for the Solo Leveling series. 

Even so, not much detailed information has been revealed regarding the anime series. 

In the next season, this anime series will have the title Solo Leveling Season 2 – Arise From the Shadow – and the series itself will probably be released in mid-2025.

This speculation arises based on the time lag between the announcement of a new season and also the duration of making an anime series in general. 

Shunsuke Nakashige is the director for this first season which was produced by A-1 Pictures. 

There is no information yet whether the new season will still be worked on by the old production team or whether there will be a new studio and staff working on the series.

Based on the teaser trailer, Sung Jin-woo can be seen performing various actions from season 1. 

However, at the end of the trailer you can see Jin-woo wearing a very thick snow jacket. 

He also appeared to be in an area or place full of snow with lots of snow falling. 

Jin-woo will likely fight against one of the Monarchs like in the Manhwa story. 

Let's just wait for the latest information regarding this matter in the future.

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