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One Piece: Im Is the Creator of Earth and Devil Fruits!

One Piece: Im Is the Creator of Earth and Devil Fruits!

The figure of Im Sama is possibly the embodiment of mother nature, aka the creator of the earth, in the One Piece storyline. 

Im's figure is still one of the big question marks in this series by Eiichiro Oda. 

It has been decades since Im's first appearance in the story. Im's identity has never been revealed. 

Other clues appear in several new chapters. 

What's interesting is that there is a theory that says Im is the embodiment of the creator of the One Piece world.

The Breath and Will of Inanimate Things

One Piece: Im Is the Creator of Earth and Devil Fruits!

One of the unique things in the One Piece story is how inanimate or lifeless objects can have breath. 

This information appears in chapter 196 when Roronoa Zoro fights against Daz Bones. 

At that time, Zoro remembered what his teacher, Koushiro, had said. 

According to him, all objects, including rocks and trees and even soil, have their own breath.

In this context, Koushiro emphasizes that a great swordsman is able to cut anything he wants, even the void. 

Apart from chapter 196, chapter 430 also provides other information about how in the world of One Piece inanimate objects can have "life".

In this chapter it is revealed that the ship even has determination and is able to express their feelings.

Usually, these feelings and determination can only be felt by the crew. 

However, what happened to the Going Merry exceeded even many people's expectations. 

Apart from the Straw Hat crew, Iceburg and the craftsmen at the Galey-La Company can also feel the hearts or feelings of the Going Merry. 

What is also interesting is how inanimate objects can also have desires.

In this case, Going Merry still has big desires in his life where he still wants to continue adventuring. 

However, unfortunately, his condition made it impossible for Merry to continue his adventure with the Straw Hats. 

This is what then makes Franky realize that the Going Merry is very important to the Straw Hat crew and tries to build a new ship for them.

In the story it is also explained how Franky did not carelessly present a new ship for the Straw Hat crew. 

He wanted the new ship to have the soul, determination, and spirit of the Going Merry. 

What's also interesting is how inanimate objects can then have devil fruit powers, even though it sounds impossible. 

This later became the basis for the theory that Im might be the embodiment of the earth or the figure who created the world of One Piece.

Im the Embodiment of the Creator of One Piece

One Piece: Im Is the Creator of Earth and Devil Fruits!

How then could Im become the embodiment of the creator of One Piece?

If we look back at what is on the sky island, namely Vearth, this could be one of the clues to the above. 

On Sky Island, Vearth is a statue that embodies people who once lived on an extraterrestrial planet. 

In this case, Vearth is the embodiment of the people on the moon.

The story about this month itself appears in Enel's cover story. In the story, Enel travels to the moon where he discovers many interesting things. 

Starting from meeting space pirates, to meeting small robots who are residents of the moon, namely Automata. 

However, apart from that, Enel also discovered interesting things when he was on the moon.

Enel realized that his ancestors, namely the Birkans/Bilkans tribe, had deliberately gone to the moon. 

This is because the resources on the moon are no longer sufficient for them, so they decided to go to earth. 

And there are other clues that provide a clear picture of Im as the embodiment of the creator of the One Piece world, namely the words of the Gorosei.

In chapter 1086, one of the Gorosei, namely Saint Marcus, once referenced the figure of Im as "the Creator".

Based on all these explanations, a theory emerged which stated that Im was the embodiment of the breath of the earth. In other words, Im is the embodiment of the creator of the world of One Piece or the motherland itself.

However, indeed, there is another trend that leads to the figure of Im as the "Creator", where Im "created" the world of One Piece after what happened 800 years ago when the Ancient Kingdom was destroyed by an alliance of 20 kingdoms. 

On the other hand, this is also what might make the Gorosei, like Saturn, say that humans are nothing more than worthless insects.

With the information that inanimate objects can have their own breath, can have determination, and even desires, this means that there is a possibility that Im is the embodiment of the earth in the One Piece story. 

Im is a form of mother nature which might explain various things about what happens in the story, one of which is how devil fruit users cannot swim in the sea.

Im the Creator of Devil Fruits

One Piece: Im Is the Creator of Earth and Devil Fruits!

What then is the theory about Im being the embodiment of mother nature or the embodiment of the creator of the world of One Piece as if it is related to other theories that have emerged among fans. 

In chapter 1069, Vegapunk reveals that devil fruit is likely the result of evolution from humans' greatest desire, namely to have tremendous power and abilities.

Each ability or power of a devil fruit is a picture or manifestation of humans' greatest desire for that power. Vegapunk continued his explanation about devil fruit. 

She explains that there is a reason why devil fruit users must lose the ability to swim in the sea.

Based on his explanation, the human desire or desire to have powerful abilities or powers that are realized through devil fruit is considered unreasonable and unnatural. 

Because of that, the sea hates that thing or desire. Devil fruit users are hated by the ocean, which in the world of One Piece the ocean is the "motherland" or "mother of nature".

What's interesting is that Im himself doesn't seem to have devil fruit powers. Many fans think that Im actually created the devil fruit. 

Im has powerful powers similar to those of devil fruit users, which he even shares with his subordinates, the Gorosei. 

And in another article it is even explained that Im may be the devil himself.

This theory may be a little exaggerated, where Im is considered the creator of the One Piece world. 

However, if we look at the context of what happened in the last 800 years, where the World Government is considered to be the creator of the new One Piece world and they are considered the descendants of gods, then it feels like this theory might be proven in the story.

How Im managed to survive for the past 800 years could be another clue that she may not be an ordinary woman. 

On the other hand, Im was also able to destroy 19 other leaders and become the sole ruler of the One Piece world.

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