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Who Will Be the Next Owner of Kaido's Devil Fruit in One Piece?

Who Will Be the Next Owner of Kaido's Devil Fruit in One Piece?

There are two One Piece characters who are likely to become the next owners of Kaido's Devil Fruit, both of whom are significant figures. Kaido was a character who posed a threat to the entire world and the Wano region. He and his Beast Pirates became oppressive rulers for 20 years. However, Luffy ultimately managed to defeat the Yonko and become the next Yonko. Interestingly, there is a theory about who will be the next owner of Kaido's Devil Fruit.

Kaido's Devil Fruit

Who Will Be the Next Owner of Kaido's Devil Fruit in One Piece?

Kaido is the user of the Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu, which allows him to transform into a giant dragon. This Devil Fruit is one of the strongest Devil Fruits in the series. In fact, among Zoan types, this Devil Fruit could be the strongest. Kaido's Devil Fruit grants him tremendous and formidable power.

For example, when Kaido transforms into a giant dragon, he can destroy anything. Kaido can even destroy mountains with his fiery attacks. He can create stormy winds with a single strike of his body, attacking enemies with various elemental attacks. Like other Zoan Devil Fruit users, Kaido also possesses a formidable hybrid form.

This hybrid form gives him epic strength resulting from the combination of human and wild animal attributes. Utilizing all these abilities, combined with Haki, Kaido has proven to be a terrifying and unbeatable figure for 20 years. Almost no one can match him thanks to the power of his Devil Fruit.

However, with Luffy successfully awakening his Devil Fruit power and also Gear 5, Kaido has had to accept the fact that the might of Devil Fruit awakening can rival all his greatness. In fact, Luffy has managed to trouble him several times. This has led many fans to speculate that Kaido will demonstrate the awakening of the Uo Uo no Mi Devil Fruit.

This speculation is based on the fact that Kaido is aware of Devil Fruit awakening. All of Luffy's previous opponents have also demonstrated their Devil Fruit awakening. So, it makes sense to predict that Kaido will also showcase the awakening of his Devil Fruit. However, has Kaido actually awakened his Devil Fruit? Unfortunately, this question remains unanswered even until now.

The Fate of Kaido's Devil Fruit

Who Will Be the Next Owner of Kaido's Devil Fruit in One Piece?

At the end of the Wano arc, during the battle on Onigashima, we witnessed how Kaido was finally defeated by Luffy. This occurred after Luffy utilized Gear 5, which proved to be too powerful for Kaido to handle. In the story, Luffy used a punch attack that was even larger than the island of Onigashima to pummel Kaido. The former Yonko was then seen sinking into the molten sea beneath Mount Fuji.

Actually, there is still no official confirmation whether Kaido has indeed been killed or is merely unconscious. Nevertheless, many fans believe that Kaido has perished due to being engulfed by the flow of lava from Mount Fuji. The next question then arises: what is the fate of Kaido's Devil Fruit? In relation to this, there is an interesting theory suggesting that two significant characters in Wano may potentially become the next owners of Kaido's Devil Fruit.

As Geeks are aware, the cycle of Devil Fruits in the One Piece story is that when their user dies, their power transfers to the nearest fruit. In Wano itself, following Kaido's defeat, everything is in a state of repair. They are attempting to mend the various destructions or damages from the previous battles. Additionally, they are repairing the damage caused by Orochi.

In this process, they will undoubtedly come across and handle food baskets. Whether consciously or not, the fruit they carry may be the reincarnation of Kaido's Devil Fruit. If we reflect on what happened to the Axolotl Devil Fruit in Punk Hazard, it is likely that the same fate awaits Kaido's Devil Fruit in Wano.

The question then arises: who will become the new owner of the Devil Fruit? There is a theory suggesting that there are two individuals or characters who could potentially become the new owners of Kaido's Devil Fruit. The first is Kozuki Momonosuke, the new Shogun of Wano. According to the theory, Kinemon likely discovered the Devil Fruit and then gave it to Momonosuke.

Momonosuke's Sword Becomes Its User

Who Will Be the Next Owner of Kaido's Devil Fruit in One Piece?

However, the theory suggests that it won't be Momonosuke who consumes Kaido's Devil Fruit but rather his sword, Ame no Habakiri. Why then not Momonosuke? And why does his sword become the owner of the Devil Fruit? As Geeks know, Ame no Habakiri is one of the swords once wielded by Kozuki Oden alongside Enma.

Both swords were Oden's main weapons when facing various enemies, one of whom was Kaido. In fact, using the Tougen Totsuka technique, Oden finally managed to wound Kaido for the first time. The scar from that attack lasted for decades. Then, as the Gorosei once revealed, Zoan Devil Fruits have minds of their own.

With all these factors, the theory suggests that Kaido's Devil Fruit will likely seek out the sword Ame no Habakiri. This is because his Devil Fruit and the Uo Uo Devil Fruit once interacted 20 years ago. His Devil Fruit will remember Ame no Habakiri and attempt to find Momonosuke's sword.

What's also interesting is that with Momonosuke consuming the imitation Devil Fruit created by Vegapunk, it means there is the power of the original Uo Uo Devil Fruit and Kaido's DNA within Momo's body. Hence, it makes sense for the Devil Fruit to seek out Momonosuke as they are connected. However, Momo clearly cannot consume another Devil Fruit.

Although he only consumed an imitation Devil Fruit, the effects Momo could gain from consuming more than one Devil Fruit could potentially be the same as consuming an original Devil Fruit. This is what makes it likely that Momonosuke will give the Devil Fruit to his sword, Ame no Habakiri. In the One Piece story, there have already been several instances of objects consuming Devil Fruit powers, especially swords, such as Funkfreed.

Other Potential Owners

Who Will Be the Next Owner of Kaido's Devil Fruit in One Piece?

As mentioned above, there are two possible new owners of Kaido's Devil Fruit. Besides Kozuki Momonosuke, another potential owner is Yamato. Like Momonosuke, Yamato clearly has DNA from Kaido. This makes it likely that the Uo Uo Devil Fruit will also seek out Yamato. He is one of the guardians of Wano alongside Momonosuke and the Red Scabbards.

Doesn't Yamato already possess Devil Fruit powers? Once again, like Momonosuke, the theory suggests that it won't be Yamato who possesses the Devil Fruit power, but rather his Kanabo. Yamato has a Kanabo weapon that he uses to confront enemies. This is similar to his father, Kaido, who also uses a Kanabo to defeat his enemies.

Are there any other candidates besides these two characters? Most likely, another figure is Blackbeard. Why Blackbeard? In the previous chapters, it was seen how Caribou intended to provide information about Ancient Weapons to Blackbeard. This implies that he will also go to Wano to target the Ancient Weapon Pluton located in that country.

Blackbeard certainly knows that Wano was once under Kaido's rule, and he also knows that Kaido's fate is likely death. And that means there's an opportunity for Blackbeard to seek out the Uo Uo Devil Fruit since there hasn't been another owner of his Devil Fruit. If this were to happen, it would mean that long-standing fan speculation would truly be proven.

In this regard, the long-standing speculation suggests that Blackbeard is likely to seek or target the third Devil Fruit. After failing to steal Boa Hancock's Devil Fruit, he would certainly target another Devil Fruit. And one that is quite popular among fans is the possibility of Blackbeard stealing the power of that Devil Fruit. Let's wait and see, Geeks, what will happen next with that Devil Fruit.

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