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LSM GALAXY: Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat Gabungan Laskar Anti Korupsi

LSM GALAXY: Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat Gabungan Laskar Anti Korupsi

Present in the midst of Indonesian society, especially online media is: Online media that prioritizes taste and historical values that follow the times in the modern era like today, inseparable from a struggle for the establishment of a Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat Gabungan Laskar Anti Korupsi (LSM GALAXY).

As time goes by, the name GALAXY is widely known by the public until finally an idea and idea emerged to continue the GALAXY’s track record which is always National Integrity and Courageous in presenting accurate news in the midst of news competition in Indonesia.

In principle, online media cannot be separated from a reader who is curious about a news that is widely circulated (proyek viral), packaged into a news report. To avoid hoax news that can cause misunderstandings in a news, high integrity is needed in news accuracy.

V I S I O N: Bringing News into a Presentation that is Brave & National Integrity.

M I S S I O N: Presenting News That Always Prioritizes 5W 1H to Readers.

General Understanding of Online Media The general understanding of Online Media, namely any type or format of media that can only be accessed via the internet containing text, photos, videos, and sound. In this general sense, online media can also be interpreted as a means of online communication.

Specific Understanding of Online Media The specific understanding of Online Media is related to the understanding of media in the context of mass communication.

Media is an abbreviation of mass communication media in the field of mass communication science has certain characteristics, such as publicity and periodicity. The specific understanding of online media is media that presents journalistic works (news, articles, features) online.

In the book Online Journalism: A Guide to Managing Online Media (Nuance, Bandung, 2012) defines online media as follows,

“Online Media is a mass media that is presented online on a web site (website) on the internet”.

“third generation” after print media (printed media) -newspapers, tabloids, magazines, books and electronic media (electronic media) radio, television, and film / video. Online Media is an online journalistic product.

Online journalism is also called cyber journalism defined by wikipedia as “the reporting of facts or events that are produced and distributed via the internet”.

Technically or “physically”, online media is a media based on telecommunications and multimedia (computers and the internet). Included in the online media category are portals, websites (websites, including blogs), online radio, online TV, and email.

Characteristics and advantages of online media compared to “conventional media” (print / electronic) include:

Large capacity -web pages can accommodate very long manuscripts,

Loading and editing manuscripts can be done anytime and anywhere,

Publishing schedule can be anytime and anywhere.

Fast, once uploaded it can be accessed by everyone,

Reaching all over the world that has internet access,

Actual, contains actual information because of the ease and speed of presentation,

Update, information updates continue and can be done at any time,

Interactive, two-way, and “egalitarian” with the facilities of comment columns, chat rooms, polling, etc.,

Documented, information is stored in the “data bank” (archive) and can be found through “links”, “related articles”, and “search” facilities,

Connected to other sources (hyperlink) related to the information presented.

Thus, we convey this brief information, hopefully the Online Media can compete with other Online Media and always present news that is Brave and National Integrity.

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