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One Piece Spoiler 1108: Straw Hat Crew Leaving Vegapunk!?

One Piece Spoiler 1108: Straw Hat Crew Leaving Vegapunk!?

Check out the early spoilers for One Piece 1108 manga, will the Straw Hat crew leave Vegapunk?

Remembering chapter 1107, it shows that BlackBeard's pirate group has arrived on Egghead Island.

They are the Captain of the 6th Ship Catarina Devon and the Captain of the 3rd Ship Van Augur.

In the previous chapter, it was shown that Devon touched Saturn who was lying down due to being beaten by Luffy.

With just one touch, Devon can now clone Saturn's form perfectly.

It is not yet known what plans he will carry out with a form resembling Saturn.

One Piece 1108 manga spoilers are circulating that it will likely focus on the fight between Roronoa Zoro and Rob Lucci.

One Piece 1108 also seems to be leaving the end of Caribou's encounter with the BlackBeard Pirates as a mystery.

Readers will likely see Jinbe arrive shortly after chapter 1108 opens, telling Zoro that evacuation preparations are almost complete and he must deal with Lucci here and now.

Jinbe will likely suggest teaming up, but Zoro is guaranteed to deny this, instead responding by wearing a bandana and “getting serious” about the fight.

This would trigger a clash lasting several pages, which would ultimately end with Zoro proving victorious and defeating Lucci for the time being.

One Piece Spoiler 1108: Straw Hat Crew Leaving Vegapunk!?

One Piece chapter 1108 will then see Zoro and Jinbe leaving Lucci as they return to Labo Phase to prepare for evacuation.

Readers will likely see Jinbe begin to tell Zoro about the current situation as the perspective shifts to the various other Straw Hat groups on the island.

In the One Piece 1108 manga, readers will also get the latest information about Franky's group, Nami's group, and the Giant Pirates, revealing where each is and what they are doing.

Chapter 1108 will likely be spent mostly on Franky's group, with the members discussing leaving Vegapunk and whether it was the right decision.

One Piece chapter 1108 will see Franky claiming he will be fine because Luffy and Sanji are there with him, setting up the final perspective shift in the issue back to the trio in question.

Kizaru will likely say something about not wanting to do this before trying to attack Dr. Vegapunk, was confronted by Sanji and Luffy in a battle that lasted several pages.

Kizaru has to say something about how unfair this is, prompting Saint Saturn to return and declare his intention to fight alongside Kizaru.

He would also likely say something about how they had to finish this quickly to deal with the Blackbeard Pirates. This chapter should end with Luffy and Sanji preparing to face Kizaru and Saturn in a tag-team match.

One Piece 1108 Manga Release Schedule

One Piece Spoiler 1108: Straw Hat Crew Leaving Vegapunk!?

Based on the schedule, the One Piece manga is usually scheduled to be released every Sunday.

If there are no delays, the One Piece 1108 manga will be published on Sunday, February 25 2024.

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