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One Piece 1073 Spoiler: The Reason Stussy Helped Dr. Vegapunk to Kill Kaku and Rob Luccy

One Piece 1073 will begin by showing the situation on Egghead Island.

As we know from the last chapter, Stussy surprisingly bit Kaku, which instantly put Kaku to sleep. Stussy also said that he would do the same to Rob Lucci.

It has also been revealed that Stussy is actually a human clone, in the past Stussy was created by MADS based on a member of the Rocks Pirates named Miss Bakkin.

Seeing Stussy's actions towards Kaku, seemed to indicate that Stussy would defend the enemy, Stussy wanted to side with Dr. Vegapunk, because Stussy felt indebted.

Even though Stussy is only a human clone, it seems he was created with normal feelings just like an ordinary human.

Why did Stussy feel indebted, because most likely Dr. Vegapunk was the only person who truly considered Stussy as a human being.

Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory is currently the right place for Stussy to defect because there are no eyewitnesses from the World Government, considering that the troops they brought are still at the bottom.

Stussy may have extreme intentions, which after putting Kaku to sleep, he will also make Rob Lucci fall asleep too and after that Stussy will finish off Kaku and Rob Lucci.

Stussy plans to report that Kaku and Rob Lucci died as a result of fighting the Straw Hat Pirates, so Stussy's actions will not be discovered.

But of course it wasn't easy for Stussy to do this, because Rob Lucci couldn't be put to sleep as easily as Kaku, Kaku immediately fell asleep because Stussy bit him suddenly, while Rob Lucci is now still conscious.

So Rob Lucci can anticipate Stussy's moves. Even so, the defection from Stussy put Rob Lucci in great danger, because everyone who was there now was his enemy.

For the Seraphim, Rob Lucci can no longer control them optimally, because Stussy also has the same authority to control them.

Meanwhile Edison and Lilith will soon arrive there, they both have a higher authority to control the Seraphim, so Rob Lucci can no longer command the Seraphim.

This put Rob Lucci in a desperate situation, but he will still put up a fight. Stussy has great fighting abilities, but Rob Lucci's awakening mode is also quite strong.

So the duel between Stussy against Rob Lucci will be quite balanced. However, the Straw Hat Pirates will intervene to attack Rob Lucci. So that Rob Lucci's situation there had no chance of winning the battle.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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