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5 Anime Characters from Indonesia!

5 Anime Characters from Indonesia!

Some anime characters from Indonesia even have important roles in the storyline, not just appearing once!

Anime is one of the favorite types of entertainment for many people. 

In addition to its interesting storylines, anime is also known for its characters that capture the attention of its viewers. 

Viewers can sometimes relate to the anime characters who come from different backgrounds.

Interestingly, some of these anime characters come from Indonesia! 

The Indonesian anime characters also have interesting backstories. 

Moreover, some of the Indonesian characters have very important roles in their anime's storylines.

Here are some of the anime characters that come from Indonesia that KINCIR will discuss. Let's take a look!

Anime characters from Indonesia

1. Raden Tidat Jihan - Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

5 Anime Characters from Indonesia!

Raden Tidat Jihan is a character from the anime Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. 

The anime tells the story of Shirahama Kenichi, a schoolboy who is often bullied. 

However, after meeting a cute girl, Kenichi becomes motivated to learn martial arts at a dojo and master various types of martial arts, including Pencak Silat.

Raden Tidat Jihan is portrayed as a Pencak Silat expert in this anime and comes from the Kingdom of Tidat, a region located in Indonesia. 

Raden Tidat Jihan has a significant role in this anime.

Throughout the anime, we can also see Raden Tidat Jihan using various Pencak Silat techniques that use the Indonesian language. 

One of his signature moves is the 'Tiger Attack' which allows Raden Tidat Jihan to attack his opponent suddenly from his hiding place.

2. Elvy Hadhiyat - RahXephon

5 Anime Characters from Indonesia!

Similar to Raden Tidat Jihan, this character also has a name that is heavily influenced by Indonesia. 

Yes, in the anime, Elvy Hadhiyat is essentially a character from Indonesia. 

Elvy is initially portrayed as an ace pilot from the Earth Federation before moving on to become a member of the TERRA organization, which is dedicated to fighting the Mu.

For your information, RahXephon is an anime that tells the story of a teenager named Ayato Kamina's struggle to become a mecha pilot. 

Therefore, this anime is suitable for those who like mecha-themed entertainment. 

Furthermore, Elvy Hadhiyat's role as an Indonesian mecha pilot in this anime is quite significant.

3. Papaya Dachiu - Hajime no Ippo

5 Anime Characters from Indonesia!

For those who like sports-themed anime, you are probably familiar with Hajime no Ippo, right? 

Yes, this anime tells the story of a high school student named Ippo Makunouchi who starts his career as a boxer. 

Throughout the anime, we see Ippo facing boxers from various countries, including Indonesia.

The Indonesian boxer in the anime is Papaya Dachiu who appeared in episode 120 of Hajime no Ippo: Rising. 

Papaya's straight punch is considered very powerful by his opponents, as if being hit by a coconut. 

This is also what makes Papaya Dachiu nickname his punch as the "Coconut Punch."

4. Lena - Blue Exorcist

5 Anime Characters from Indonesia!

Lena is an Indonesian character from the anime Blue Exorcist, who might become your new waifu. 

This is because Lena has an appearance that can captivate men, especially because of her very revealing outfit. 

Lena is depicted as a top-level spirit exorcist from the Holy Cross Order branch in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lena first appears in the anime as security for a festival. 

Then, a number of demons cause a riot at the festival, so Lena has to step in to confront them. 

Lena then shows off her ability called Tamer, which is the power to use giant insects to instantly destroy her enemies.

5. Nadila - Kakushigoto

5 Anime Characters from Indonesia!

Kakushigoto is a slice of life anime about a father who worries that his daughter will find out about his profession as an ecchi manga artist.

Through its simple and interesting story, Kakushigoto went viral upon its release in 2020. 

However, the virality is not only due to the anime's story but also because it features an Indonesian character.

Yes, Kakushigoto caused a sensation in Indonesia by introducing a character named Nadila. 

Moreover, Nadila is depicted as an Indonesian domestic worker (TKI) who works as a housemaid at the residence of the father and the main character of the manga.

So those are the series of anime characters that come from Indonesia. 

Which one is your favorite?

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