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Support Tier List Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5

Support Tier LIst honkai star rail

Complete Ranking List of Supports in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is a turn-based game that challenges our tactics and strategies in every battle.

To win fights, players are required to create effective team compositions by combining various characters in their squad.

One of the most crucial roles that must always be filled in the team is the support. Yes, the presence of support in your team is highly important.

In version 1.5, there are a total of 2 new support characters released, namely Huohuo and Hanya. With their arrival, the tier list for supports in this version has also changed.

So, instead of keeping you in suspense, here's the support tier list for Honkai Star Rail version 1.5.

Support Tier List Version 1.5

Suport Tier list honkai star rail

With the ability to provide healing and buffs simultaneously, Huohuo quickly skyrocketed to the SS tier.

Huohuo is a complete support character, offering healing, buffs, and debuff cleansing.

Another healer in the mix is Luocha. He excels in healing and can automatically move around. Additionally, Luocha removes buffs from enemies.

For pure support characters, there's Bronya, who can provide numerous buffs to your team, including increased crit damage, attack, and overall damage output. 

Bronya can also advance the turns of her teammates and cleanse debuffs.

As a debuffer, we have Silver Wolf, who remains the best debuffer in the game. No one can compete with her. She inflicts various debuffs on enemies and adds elemental weaknesses.

Lastly, there's Fu Xuan, a tank-type character who can protect the entire team by offering damage reduction and sharing a portion of the damage taken by her teammates. 

Fu Xuan also provides buffs like increased HP and crit rate, solidifying her position as the best tanker in the game.

In the S tier, we find several 4 and 5-star characters. While they are excellent support characters, they can't quite match the tier SS characters.

The newest character, Hanya, is placed in tier S because of her unique skill. This skill allows her to recharge skill points or SP, a crucial resource in the game. 

Effective SP management is vital, and Hanya's ability to recharge SP is especially beneficial for SP-intensive team compositions like Danheng Imbibitor Lunae.

Beyond SP replenishment, Hanya also provides buffs such as increased speed and attack. For a 4-star support, she's considered above average, and that's a fact.

Overall, every support character in Honkai Star Rail has its own strengths and weaknesses. Don't treat this tier list as an absolute guide; instead, use it as a reference or consideration."

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