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One Piece 1051: Both Yonkou are Not Dead yet, Kaido and Big Mom are Immune to Magma


The final fate of Yonkou Kaido and Big Mom after falling into the magma pool still holds various mysteries until One Piece 1051.

One of the mysteries up until One Piece 1051 was whether the two Yonkou were still alive or not.

From the facts, Kaido and Big Mom are believed to have not died because they have natural immunity to magma.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1051 regarding Yonkou Kaido and Big Mom who will not die after sinking into a magma pool.

The Bajrang Gun fist that Luffy aimed at Kaido broke one of the Yonkou's horns and his body bounced deep into the ground until it ended up in Wano's crust.

The same thing happened to Big Mom after getting a combined attack from Kid and Law.

Considering that Wano is a land that sticks high into the sky and is equipped with an active volcanic mountain.

This is the perfect way to defeat Kaido and Big Mom who is a Yonkou.

But although the two of them are described here as sinking into magma, they are both believed to have not died.

The first reason was because even Kozuki Oden had been in a similar situation where he was boiled in boiling oil but he didn't die.

Instead, he died from being shot in the head, not from the heat or burning from the cooking oil.

So the same thing will happen to Kaido and Big Mom.

Moreover, Kaido is the strongest creature while Big Mom has a skin that is known to be thick and difficult to penetrate.

The second reason was that Doflamingo's defeat was also described in the same way and he didn't die.

When Doflamingo lost at Dressrosa, he fell at high speed to the ground due to Luffy's fist.

As a result, Doflamingo hit a chunk of Dressrosa's soil until the ground split and caused an earthquake.

Our logic is that Doflamingo, who has entered the bottom of Dressrosa, should have broken his bones and died.

But in fact he did not die and was even thrown into prison in a condition that he could still laugh like a joker.

The same thing will most likely happen to Kaido and Big Mom.

Just because the two of them were submerged in the magma didn't mean they died right away.

The third reason why the two Yonkou will still be alive is because Oda hasn't confirmed it yet.

Plus death is something that Oda rarely appears in the One Piece story.

For the size of the strongest creature in the world, Kaido here is only confirmed defeated and not confirmed dead.

The last reason is because a seamount eruption occurred near Kuri.

Meanwhile Kaido and Big Mom fell to the bottom of Wano in the Ebisu city area.

The underwater volcano erupted due to cracks on the edge of the mountain's soil caused by Kaido when it fell to the bottom of the wano crust.

So that the eruption occurred a few minutes after Kaido reached the bottom.

Well, if Kaido fell right in the middle of the sea and the mountain, of course the mountain would erupt right then and there.

Then the possibility of Kaido dying in the Wano Arc will be even greater.

But in reality, the fall of Kaido and Big Mom was a bit far from the mountain.

It is because of these four reasons that fans believe that the two Yonkou are able to survive the magma pool even though they are in a weak condition.

It will be interesting to wait for the latest news from Kaido and Big Mom who are drowning in a magma pool in One Piece 1051.

It will also be revealed after One Piece 1051 whether the two Yonkou will survive the heat of the magma.

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