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5 Unique Facts About Alexia Midgar, the First Love of the Leader of Shadow Garden


Alexia Midgar

The Princess of the Midgar Kingdom Always Compared to Her Sister

In Shadow Garden, who would've thought that the first love of the leader of this organization is a princess from the Midgar kingdom?

Although almost all members of Shadow Garden admire Cid, the fact remains that Cid's first love is not a member of Shadow Garden, but Alexia Midgar.

Yes, even if it's just part of Cid's act, it doesn't change the fact that Alexia Midgar is his first love.

Now, besides the mentioned fact, there are still some other unique facts about Alexia. Let's dive right into them!

5 Unique Facts About Alexia Midgar

Alexia Midgar

1. Dislikes Being Compared to Her Sister

As the Princess of the Midgar kingdom, Alexia naturally garners a lot of attention. However, amidst all the attention, she constantly finds herself being compared to her sister, Iris Midgar.

Iris is the strongest individual in the Midgar Kingdom, displaying remarkable talent and abilities despite her young age. This is in stark contrast to Alexia, who feels ordinary and lacks any apparent talent.

Alexia often gets frustrated when people around her start drawing comparisons with Iris. She wishes people could see her for herself without the need for comparisons with her sister.

2. Ordinary Strength

Apart from her beautiful appearance, Alexia possesses no other outstanding qualities. She is just an ordinary princess. 

Her sword skills are considered average, or perhaps below average, especially when compared to her sister.

3. Strong Will

Despite her tendency to belittle others and believe that everything can be solved with money, Alexia is a person of strong will. 

With average abilities and no inherent talent, she managed to rise to a prominent position at the Midgar Academy through sheer hard work. She is determined to surpass her brother, who is constantly used as a benchmark against her.

4. Dislike for Natsume

Natsume Kafka, also known as Beta outside Shadow Garden, instantly became someone Alexia detested upon their first meeting. 

She harbors jealousy towards Natsume's large bust size and is irritated by Natsume's playful nature, which draws attention.

On the flip side, Natsume/Beta equally dislikes Alexia, seeing her as insincere in her expressions of love for Cid. 

Beta believes that Alexia is merely playing with Cid's feelings. However, Beta feels powerless to act since she is convinced that Cid has his own plan regarding the matter.

5. Shared a Bath with Cid

Besides Epsilon, another person who has been seen bathing with Cid is Alexia. She witnessed Cid's appearance firsthand and was immediately shocked by the sight of his Excalibur.

Overall, Alexia is an intriguing character in the series. Her occasionally exasperating nature makes it challenging for many to look away."

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