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5 Unique Facts About Claire Kagenou, Sibling to Lord Shadow

Claire Kagenou

A Severe Brother Complex with a Strong Possessive Streak

Within the confines of Shadow Garden, where reverence and respect are typically reserved for Shadow, there's one person who commands a distinct kind of awe – Claire Kagenou.

Claire Kagenou is, in fact, the blood sister of Cid Kagenou, also known as Lord Shadow, the leader of Shadow Garden.

Claire is portrayed as a caring older sister to her sibling, but beneath that exterior lies a plethora of unique traits.

For all you devoted fans of Claire Kagenou, here are a few intriguing facts about her.

5 Unique Facts About Claire Kagenou

Claire Kagenou

1. Highly Respected Member of Shadow Garden

Members of Shadow Garden hold great respect for Claire, who is Cid's older sister. When Claire was once kidnapped during childhood, the entire Shadow Garden swiftly took action. 

Without hesitation, they embarked on a rescue mission. So far, Claire is the only one who can scold, hit, or even restrain Cid without facing any repercussions from the Shadow Garden members.

2. Severe Brother Complex

Claire is deeply caring for her younger brother. Because Cid often reveals his vulnerable side and hides his true strength from his sister, Claire becomes overly concerned about his future. 

Her care and worry escalate to the point where she becomes obsessed with Cid. Once, during Cid's interrogation due to the kidnapping of Alexia Midgard, 

Claire went berserk, attempting to remove her brother from the interrogation room. The entire Midgard Academy couldn't stop her, except for one person—Rose Oriana.

3. Sharp and Cutting Tongue

 Claire is someone who dislikes small talk and speaks her mind directly. 

Every word that comes out of her mouth is razor-sharp, and she doesn't hesitate to speak this way to anyone, including her own father. 

Her sharp tongue intensifies, especially when there's a problem involving Cid.

4. Strongest at Midgard Academy

 After Rose Oriana left the academy and Iris Midgar graduated, Claire has taken the position as the strongest individual at the academy. 

Apart from these two, no one can match Claire at Midgard Academy, whether it's in intellectual prowess or swordsmanship—she excels in both.

5. God of War Tournament Winner

Claire's victory in the God of War Tournament can be considered pure luck. Throughout the competition, she never faced a truly formidable opponent, including Annerose, Iris Midgar, Beatrix, and even Mundane Man. 

Nevertheless, this fact doesn't change the reality that Claire emerged victorious in the tournament.

Overall, Claire Kagenou is a crucial character in this story. Besides being Cid's sister, she is also the vessel for the demonic entity Diabolos."

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