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Dr. Ratio Preview, Free 5-Star Character from Honkai Star Rail

Dr.Ratio Honkai Star Rail

Another Sub DPS Relying on Follow-Up Attacks

Honkai Star Rail recently made a thrilling announcement that got many people excited.

Yes, they announced in the latest version livestream of the game that they would be giving away one of the limited 5-star characters for free.

The character in question is Dr. Ratio, a character with an imaginary element and a path hunt.

Is he a good character? In my opinion, he is indeed a good character.

As you know, there are still not many characters with the imaginary element, so the presence of Dr. Ratio will undoubtedly be very helpful for those of you who don't have good characters with this element.

Now, what are his abilities and gameplay like? Relax, let's discuss it together.

Dr.Ratio Preview

Dr. Ratio Honkai Star Rail

Reported by, Dr. Ratio is a DPS character with some unique skills that have never been seen before. Here's a summarized version:

Reliable Sub DPS

Yes, in my opinion, Dr. Ratio is a sub DPS character. His gameplay is almost similar to Topaz, relying on follow-up attacks.

When launching a skill, he has a certain percentage to immediately perform a follow-up attack.

Additionally, he can mark an enemy with his ultimate, and if a teammate attacks the marked enemy, Dr. Ratio will unleash a follow-up attack.

Considering this gameplay, he will be more suitable as a sub DPS. You can simply bring another DPS into your team.

Works Well When Combined with a Debuffer

Dr. Ratio will have many advantages if he is teamed up with characters that can debuff enemies.

Dr. Ratio's damage will increase significantly when attacking enemies with many status debuffs.

He will also gain stacks that increase his crit rate and crit damage when attacking enemies with status debuffs. 

Moreover, the chances of his follow-up attack occurring will also increase when attacking enemies with many status debuffs.

He can be a great teammate for debuffers. From here, I can see that he can be a formidable combination when teamed up with Silver Wolf.

As you know, Silver Wolf can inflict numerous status debuffs on enemies.

Likely to Receive Eidolon 1 or Signature Light Cone

Dr. Ratio can be obtained for free in the upcoming version. From this, you probably realize that this opens up a significant opportunity for F2P players to get his Eidolon 1 or signature light cone.

Based on leaks from Dexerto, Dr. Ratio's Eidolon 1 involves getting 4 stacks at the beginning of the battle. These stacks provide additional crit rate and crit damage.

The maximum stack is 6, so you don't need to work hard to get a full stack if you have unlocked his first Eidolon.

However, it's still a leak, not 100% confirmed, so it's better to wait for official confirmation.

If your pull and Stellar Jade positions are sufficient, then it's not a bad idea to get the light cone or Eidolon 1 from Dr. Ratio.

Overall, he is a free character but very powerful. Truly a rewarding gift for Honkai Star Rail players.

Paman Radon
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