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5 Unique Facts about Fu Xuan, the Expert Diviner in Honkai Star Rail

Fu Xuan Honkai Star Rail

Interesting Insights into the Strongest Tanker in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail boasts a myriad of characters, each with their own unique and intriguing backgrounds.

One character worth delving into is the Master Diviner of Xianzhou Luofu, Fu Xuan.

Behind her stern and tsundere demeanor lies a past that could be considered less than pleasant.

So, for all you devoted Fu Xuan fans, let's take a moment to explore some fascinating facts about her:

5 Unique Facts About Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan Honkai Star Rail

1. Ending Her Mentor's Career

Fu Xuan originally hailed from Xianzhou Yuque, where she became a disciple of a Master Diviner. Despite her intelligence and critical thinking, Fu Xuan believed her mentor accepted her due to her talents. 

However, it was destiny that brought them together, as her master foresaw a future where Fu Xuan ends his career.

Furious upon hearing this revelation, Fu Xuan left Yuque for Luofu, determined to prove her mentor wrong. Over a century passed, and Xianzhou faced a war against the Denizen of Abundance. 

Fu Xuan's calculations consistently predicted unfavorable outcomes, prompting her to propose the seemingly impossible: calling upon the Aeon Hunt for assistance.

Although sending messages to the Aeon was technically feasible, the risks were immense. Ignoring the dangers, Fu Xuan presented her idea and volunteered as the messenger. 

While her idea was accepted, she lacked the authority to send the message. The only one with both authority and the ability was her past mentor, the Master Diviner of Xianzhou Yuque.

Realizing this, Fu Xuan fell silent, acknowledging the accuracy of her mentor's foresight. By accepting Fu Xuan's idea, her mentor unwittingly embarked on a perilous mission, fulfilling the prophecy of his career's end.

2. Receiving the Blessing of Nous

As an erudite individual yearning for knowledge and wisdom, Fu Xuan achieved her desires when bestowed with the blessing of an eye from Nous. 

This eye granted extensive knowledge but came with a lifetime of suffering, a condition Fu Xuan embraced in response to Nous's warning.

3. Herbal Tea Enthusiast from Bailu

Managing her demanding role as a Master Diviner often left Fu Xuan exhausted. To rejuvenate, she turned to herbal tea crafted by the dragon lady Bailu. 

Just one cup proved sufficient to restore Fu Xuan's energy after a day filled with exhaustive work.

4. Aspiring to be a General

Despite appearing displeased with Jing Yuan, their relationship was remarkably close. Jing Yuan promised Fu Xuan 122 times to recommend her as a general. 

Throughout these instances, Fu Xuan passionately presented arguments in support of this decision, with Jing Yuan occasionally dozing off during her lengthy discussions.

5. The Most Overpowered Tanker

Undoubtedly, Fu Xuan stands as the most overpowering tanker in Honkai Star Rail. 

She not only provides damage reduction to her entire team while absorbing a portion of their damage, but she also offers healing and buffs for critical rate and HP. Fu Xuan truly embodies a tanker with a comprehensive skill set.

In summary, Fu Xuan's captivating personality, intertwined with her unparalleled tanking abilities, makes her a compelling character within the game.

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