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5 Unique Facts about Iris Midgar, the Most Vengeful Person towards Shadow Garden

Iris Midgar

The Bad-Tempered Princess of the Midgar Kingdom

Shadow Garden, with their formidable power, undoubtedly has many enemies seeking to destroy them.

One of these enemies is the lady princess of the Midgar Kingdom, Iris Midgar. Yes, she's the person harboring the biggest grudge against Shadow Garden, especially towards Shadow.

Apart from her tough and vengeful nature, there are several other interesting facts about this princess.

So, for all you die-hard fans of Iris Midgar, let's take a quick look at some of these facts.

5 Unique Facts about Iris Midgar

Iris Midgar

1. The Strongest Knight in Midgar

As the top graduate from the Midgar academy, Iris is the most powerful individual in the entire Midgar kingdom.

Her abilities are unquestionable; she excels in swordsmanship and magical control.

Moreover, her magical strength surpasses that of the average person by far.

As the leader of the Crimson Order, her strength is formidable, but when compared to legendary figures, Iris's power pales in comparison.

She can keep up with Shadow's speed and coordinate with Beatrix when facing them.

However, her strength still cannot be compared to Shadow's, or even Beatrix's.

2. Not as Smart as She Seems

Despite being the former student council president of the Midgar academy and its top graduate, Iris Midgar isn't as brilliant as she appears.

Her prowess lies mainly in her swordsmanship, as she struggles in other areas.

She faced significant challenges leading her organization, the Crimson Order. At one point, she even thought that her sister, Alexia, would lead the organization more effectively.

3. Fatal Weakness

Iris's most fatal weakness is her lack of intelligence. She struggles to read situations, exacerbated by her quick temper.

When facing strong opponents, she becomes consumed by her emotions, leading to poor decision-making.

This vulnerability makes her susceptible to manipulation by the Diabolos cult members who infiltrated the Crimson Order under her leadership.

4. Vendetta Against Shadow

She harbors an immense grudge against Shadow. This grudge intensified after failing to defeat Shadow, even with Beatrix's collaboration.

After the battle, Beatrix advised Iris to let go of the vendetta, focus on self-improvement, and recognize her youth.

However, Iris disregarded the advice and continued to live with overwhelming frustration and a burning desire for revenge against Shadow.

5. Sleeps with a Teddy Bear

Surprisingly, the strongest individual in the Midgar Kingdom still sleeps while hugging a teddy bear.

This revelation comes from Alexia's light novel. Iris clings to her teddy bear when going to sleep.

Alexia also revealed that her headstrong and temperamental sister likes to wear underwear with kitten patterns.

It's truly an unexpected fact that someone as headstrong and temperamental as Iris still sleeps with her beloved teddy bear.

Overall, Iris Midgar is an intriguing character; if only she weren't so temperamental, she could become even stronger.

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