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Argenti Review, Honkai Star Rail's Latest AoE Character with Brutal Damage


Argenti Honkai Star Rail

Not Just Any Eruditio Character

Honkai Star Rail is a game that consistently rolls out new updates, keeping its players engaged and addicted to this turn-based experience.

Recently, they introduced a fresh gacha banner into the game, featuring two new characters, namely Argenti and Hanya.

Let's dive into the details of Argenti, the latest character with the eruditio path. As you might know, the eruditio path is often considered less useful due to its lower damage output.

However, in this version, the eruditio path truly shines. Jing Yuan, previously deemed weak, has now become remarkably superior thanks to the latest relic release.

On the other side, we have the new eruditio character, Argenti, with an intriguing gameplay style and, of course, delivering exceptionally high damage.

So, without further ado, let's delve into the details of this elegantly presented character.

Review Argenti

Argenti Honkai Star Rail

Brutal Damage

Every attack executed by Argenti, from basic attacks to the ultimate, adds stacks to his talent. These stacks can provide an additional crit rate to Argenti, up to 25%, and the talent can also fill his energy based on the number of enemies he hits.

He possesses a two-stage ultimate. The first stage, at 90 energy, deals damage to all enemies, which is a fairly standard ultimate. 

However, what makes Argenti special is his second-stage ultimate at 180 energy. The damage multiplier is exceptionally high, and it can hit all enemies. Even if used on a single target, the damage from Argenti's second-stage ultimate remains remarkably high.

DPS Hypercarry

Yes, Argenti is a DPS hypercarry that requires numerous buffs for himself. Relying on his second-stage ultimate, he can deliver immense damage. Therefore, it is highly effective to pair Argenti with several support characters.

The best support characters for him include Tingyun, who can assist Argenti in filling his energy and providing attack buffs. 

Bronya is also excellent for Argenti, offering numerous buffs and a free turn. And guess which character pairs well with Argenti? You guessed it right – Huohuo. He can fill energy, provide attack buffs, and even offer healing and debuff cleansing.

Most Efficient Farming Machine

With high-damage AoE skills, Argenti can easily obliterate multiple enemies simultaneously. Considering that most material farming locations consist of numerous weak enemies, Argenti, with his ability to spam the ultimate and deal high damage, can swiftly clear any farming stage.

If your rotation and build are adequate, it's plausible to unleash Argenti's ultimate in every wave while farming.

Overall, Argenti is an excellent character. For those who lack a formidable DPS character, I recommend acquiring him. 

He is very F2P-friendly, requiring no extravagant light cones or obtaining his eidolon to unleash high damage. Provide him with good relics and a 4-star light cone, and he can easily flatten all his adversaries.

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