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5 Unique Facts About Eta, The Shadow Garden Mad Scientist


Eta Shadow Garden

No One Can Escape From Her Experiment

Shadow Garden, this massive organization, boasts a plethora of power sources. One of their strengths lies in their highly intelligent members.

Among the key members of Shadow Garden, there are two individuals who stand out for their high intelligence: Gamma, with expertise in finance and social matters, and Eta, whose insane knowledge revolves around the sciences.

Much like Gamma, Eta spends a considerable amount of time working behind the scenes, specifically in her own laboratory, crafting numerous discoveries and conducting experiments.

Now, for you hardcore fans of these silent Elf figures, it's about time you delve into some intriguing facts about her:

5 Unique Facts About Eta

Eta Shadow Garden

1. Lazy to Change Clothes

When it comes to clothing, Eta couldn't care less. All she cares about is the research and experiments she's engrossed in.

She's often seen wearing casual clothes with a lab coat as an outer layer, always in white.

And so it goes on, whether she's working, eating, or even sleeping, she won't bother changing her clothes.

2. The Second Weakest Number

Among the 7 core members of Shadow Garden, Eta holds the title of the second weakest, just slightly above Gamma.

In a major showdown, Eta can still hold her own against the other members of Shadow Garden.

During her childhood, she underwent direct training by Cid, just like Gamma. However, her training didn't go smoothly because Eta always seemed to be sleepy.

3. Eta Lloyd Wright

Outside of Shadow Garden, Eta is renowned as a brilliant architect under the name Eta Lloyd Wright.

She has won numerous awards for her genius. Within Shadow Garden, she serves as the head of the Research and Development department.

She creates many things for Shadow Garden, utilizing information provided by Cid from her original world. For instance, she managed to create the Camera, now a flagship product of Mitsugoshi. Additionally, she further developed the slime body suit first introduced by Cid.

4. Chronic Sleeper

As someone who spends most of her time in the lab, Eta rarely sleeps.

She's obsessed with what she's currently working on, unable to stop for a break once she starts something in her lab.

As a result, Eta's sleep schedule is erratic and unpredictable. If she manages to sleep, it's nearly impossible to wake her up.

She can also doze off anywhere and anytime.

5. Silent But Cruel

Yes, beneath her expressionless and reserved demeanor, Eta is a cruel individual.

She believes that acquiring knowledge requires sacrifice.

And it's because of this principle that she is not well-liked in Shadow Garden. She often requests members of Shadow Garden to be subjects in her experiments, and of course, her requests are strange and tend to be dangerous.

She doesn't hesitate to experiment on Cid either. Once, she even gave Cid a poison capable of killing a dragon just for the sake of her experiment.

Overall, Eta is a genius member who works behind the scenes. Like Gamma, Eta can assist Shadow Garden without needing to step into the field.

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