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Honkai Star Rail Tips: Is it better to take Argenti or Silver Wolf?


Argenti & Silver Wolf

Don't make the wrong choice!

Honkai Star Rail version 1.5 has entered its second phase. In this phase, there will be two limited character banners featuring Argenti and Silver Wolf.

Argenti is the latest DPS character with the eruditio path. His gameplay focuses on spamming the ultimate with high-damage AoE attacks.

On the other hand, Silver Wolf is a debuffer character with the nihility path. She can provide debuffs such as defense reduction and add new weaknesses to enemies based on the elements of characters in the Silver Wolf team.

From this, it's clear that the roles of these two characters are entirely different. One is a DPS hypercarry, and the other is a support debuffer.

Both characters are excellent and can be considered the best in their respective classes.

So for those of you who are still unsure about whom to choose, check out the following tips to avoid making the wrong choice.

Choose Argenti If You Lack DPS Characters

Argenti honkai star rail

If you find yourself short on DPS characters, it's a wise move to go for Argenti.

Argenti isn't a bad DPS by any means. However, it takes a bit more time and effort to equip him with good relics.

In my opinion, it's essential to have at least two powerful 5-star DPS characters. Since Memory of Chaos requires two teams, each team ideally needs a DPS.

If you're struggling with damage in Memory of Chaos due to a shortage of DPS characters, I recommend picking up Argenti.

Pick Silver Wolf If You Lack a Support Debuffer

Silver wolf honkai star rail

A Support Debuffer is a crucial role in Honkai Star Rail. Similar to other support characters, a support debuffer assists your team in defeating enemies.

While regular support characters provide buffs to teammates, a support debuffer applies debuffs to enemies.

Currently, the best support debuffer in the game is Silver Wolf. She can inflict numerous debuffs on enemies, and what makes her special is her ability to add a new elemental weakness to enemies based on the elements of characters in her team.

So, if you feel you have plenty of DPS characters but lack support, go ahead and choose Silver Wolf.

Select Silver Wolf to Complete a Mono Quantum Team

One of the most overpowered team compositions in the game is Mono Quantum, consisting of four quantum element characters: Fu Xuan, Lynx, Seele, and Silver Wolf.

The key to the success of this team lies in Silver Wolf. With her skills, he can add a Quantum weakness to enemies.

With a lineup of four quantum element characters, it's guaranteed that the elemental weakness added by Silver Wolf will be quantum.

If you already have Fu Xuan or Seele, I recommend getting Silver Wolf.

Especially if you already have Fu Xuan, you can immediately form a mono-quantum team with Fu Xuan, Lynx, Silver Wolf, and Qingque.

If you already have Fu Xuan and Seele, it's a no-brainer – you must get Silver Wolf.

The rate-up 4-star character in the Silver Wolf banner is Lynx, so you can also grab Lynx and create a mono-quantum team while you're at it.

Choose Argenti If You Have Huohuo

Can Argenti synergize with Huohuo? Absolutely. Huohuo's ultimate can fill the energy of the entire team.

Considering Argenti needs a lot of energy for his second-stage ultimate, a character like Huohuo, who can replenish energy, can greatly assist him.

Simply combine Argenti, Huohuo, and Ting Yun in one team, and the fourth member is optional.

With this team, Argenti's energy can quickly fill up, and he can also receive numerous buffs from Huohuo and Ting Yun.

Overall, the tips above are not absolute, and you can consider them as suggestions to avoid confusion when deciding whom to choose. Personally, I would prefer to go for both of them at once, hehe.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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