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5 Unique Facts About Beatrix, Family Member of One of the Shadow Garden Members


A Skilled Swordswoman with the Title War Goddess

In the Shadow Garden, most members no longer have families. Even if they do, they tend to forget them and pledge allegiance to the Shadow.

Essentially, they are outcasts due to the Demon Possession disease, and, of course, they are also abandoned by their respective families.

However, among the many members of the Shadow Garden, there is still a family searching for them. That person is Beatrix.

Beatrix is a family member of one of the Shadow Garden's members. Throughout her adventures around the world, she continues to search for the whereabouts of her family without knowing that her family has joined the Shadow Garden.

Now, for you die-hard Beatrix fans, let's take a moment to explore some interesting facts about her:

5 Unique Facts About Beatrix


1. Aunt of Alpha

Yes, she is the aunt of Alpha, the right hand of the Shadow. Throughout her adventures, she continues to search for Alpha without realizing that her niece has joined the Shadow Garden.

Initially, Beatrix's main goal in traveling the world was to face powerful individuals out there. However, upon returning and discovering her sister's death, she added a new goal to her adventure: to find her sister's child, who is none other than Alpha.

Beatrix's appearance is strikingly similar to Alpha's. According to Cid, she emits the same aura as Alpha, and Cid even initially mistook Beatrix for Alpha.

2. War Goddess

She earned this nickname when she became the winner of the first swordfighter competition in the Midgar kingdom. The title is not exaggerated; Beatrix is indeed formidable.

Her combat speed is nothing to be underestimated. She can effortlessly cut down an opponent in the blink of an eye.

3. Able to Make Shadow a Bit Serious

In battles, Shadow often emerges victorious easily without exerting much effort. However, when facing Beatrix, Shadow becomes slightly more serious, acknowledging Beatrix's greatness.

Beatrix can match Shadow's speed and hold her ground against him for some time. They engage in a high-speed battle, unnoticed by the people in the Midgar kingdom, even though they are fighting in the midst of a bustling city. 

In the end, Beatrix still loses, but she manages to make Shadow take her a bit more seriously.

4. Often Mistaken for a Beggar

With her simple appearance and carefree attitude, many people mistake her for a beggar. She truly conceals her strength and only unleashes it when facing a worthy opponent.

Only the strong recognize who she truly is; otherwise, ordinary people perceive her as a beggar.

5. Disappears from the Story

After her battle against Shadow in the Midgar kingdom, Beatrix is not shown in the story anymore. It's quite unfortunate, considering that her presence could add more excitement to the narrative.

Given that she is Alpha's family, I'm curious about their reactions when they finally meet. Perhaps the author has other plans for Beatrix in the upcoming chapters.

Overall, Beatrix is a truly unique character, and I hope to see her reappear in the story soon.

Paman Radon
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