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5 Unique Facts about Gamma, Shadow Garden's Financial Backbone


Gamma Shadow Garden

A Money Collecting Genius for Shadow Garden

Shadow Garden is a large organization that engages in various activities to achieve their goals.

Yeah, those things are definitely not free; they require a lot of money and careful preparation.

However, the organization doesn't have to worry about the costs because there is one person within the organization who takes care of everything.

That person is Gamma, an essential member of Shadow Garden. She plays a behind-the-scenes role, gathering resources for the organization's needs.

So, for all you hardcore Gamma fans out there, you might want to check out some unique facts about her below.

5 Unique Facts about Gamma

Gamma Shadow Garden

1. Most Mature Appearance

Among all the members of Shadow Garden, Gamma stands out as the only one with a mature appearance.

While the rest of the Shadow Garden members look like typical teenage girls, Gamma exudes a sense of maturity. She appears commanding and mature, defying her actual age of just 17. Her demeanor doesn't reflect her youthfulness.

2. Weakest in Shadow Garden

Out of the seven core members of Shadow Garden, Gamma is considered the weakest. In terms of combat, she is notably lacking.

Despite possessing strong physical attributes and significant magical energy, she struggles in combat. Instead, she excels in high intelligence and operates behind the scenes without the need to engage directly in the field.

3. Luna, the Owner of Mitsugoshi

Outside of Shadow Garden, Gamma is known as Luna, the owner of the Mitsugoshi company.

Mitsugoshi covers a significant portion of the organization's expenses. By introducing unique products from Cid's old world on Earth, Mitsugoshi's popularity has soared. Besides financial gains, the company's goal is to counter the influence of the Diablos cult in society.

4. Alpha's Right Hand

As the one overseeing Shadow Garden, Alpha cannot work alone. Among all the main members, Gamma is the one who can assist Alpha.

With four out of the seven core members directly involved in fieldwork, leaving only Eta and Gamma, Gamma becomes indispensable. Her genius helps Alpha solve complex issues quickly.

5. Clumsy Yet Lethal

Within the organization, all members are aware of Gamma's irrational clumsiness. She might even stumble while walking normally. Consequently, she has never been assigned a field mission due to her clumsiness.

Despite her clumsiness, Gamma possesses immense physical strength and magical energy. In the second season of the anime series, Gamma showcased her combat abilities when defending against infiltrators attempting to breach Mitsugoshi. She effortlessly withstood attacks without the need to deflect them and unleashed powerful magical strikes.

Ultimately, the infiltrators were defeated, but Gamma's unrestrained magical power caused considerable destruction to Mitsugoshi's infrastructure.

Overall, Gamma proves to be a highly competent member of Shadow Garden, despite her unconventional clumsiness.

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