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The Life Journey of the Tohsaka Family in the Fate Storyline

The Life Journey of the Tohsaka Family in the Fate Storyline

The Tohsaka family, a prominent mage family in the Fate/stay night visual novel and its related media, part of the larger Nasuverse created by Kinoko Nasu.

Tohsaka (遠坂, Tōsaka) is a family tree of magus belonging to the Clock Tower of the Mage's Association. 

The family plays a central role in the Holy Grail War, a magical competition where mages and their summoned Heroic Spirits vie for the Holy Grail, a powerful artifact capable of granting a wish.

With a lineage with about 200 years of historical value, the Tohsaka family was once Hidden Christians living in a Japan that was intolerant of foreigners.

The first head of the Tohsaka family, Nagato Tohsaka, was considered the least promising of Zelretch's disciples.

However, six generations later, when Rin and Sakura were born, the Tohsaka family had risen to second place.

The Tohsaka family is well-connected in the Mages' Association, due to their relationship with Zelretch, and the Holy Church, thanks to their faith.

The Tohsaka family are experts in the use of Jewel Magecraft and the secret style of Chinese kenpo, Chinese Kenpo was passed down from Nagato Tohsaka in martial training and uses not only Magecraft, but also martial arts.

Thanks to the sudden and relatively recent advancement in their mastery of Jewel Magecraft, as well as the introduction of Gandr into their magical repertoire, it is believed that the Tohsaka bloodline was able to incorporate Edelfelt's knowledge of Magecraft into their own through Edelfelt's younger twin brother who was supposedly defeated during the Third Heaven's Feel, as other family members (such as Luvia) were reputed to be very proficient in using both.

It is unknown whether the Tohsaka Family acquired the ability from the Edelfelt twin sister who was married to the head of the Tohsaka family at that time or simply by stealing her Magic Crest.

The Life Journey of the Tohsaka Family in the Fate Storyline

The first point is more likely, given Rin and Luvia's similarities, It is known that one of Tokiomi Tohsaka's parents (Rin & Sakura's father) was a foreigner, and Rin and Sakura are quarter foreigners (mulattoes), Luvia of the Edelfelt Family is a distant relative of the Tohsaka Family.

Back when the Tohsaka Family developed the Heaven's Feel ritual together with the Makiri and Einzbern Families, the daughter of Nagato Tohsaka played a greater role in the completion of the Holy Grail War system than her father.

The Tohsaka Family's role in Heaven's Feel is to provide the use of their spiritual lands for the ritual.

In the Apocrypha world, the Tohsaka Family gave up on the Holy Grail and sought other methods to reach the Root in Fuyuki.

The Tohsaka Family now seeks a new path to become one with the universe with Chinese Kenpou while studying magecraft.

In the EXTRA world, the Tohsaka family was largely extinct in the 1990s.

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