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K, Seven Kings and Amusing Battle

K, Seven Kings and Amusing Battle

This K Project anime review will help you to know what the whole anime looks like, this anime made by Go Hands studio was indeed popular thanks to its unique art style, when it was released, there was no anime that could match the art model of K Project.

Many equate K Project with Durarara!!! Because the concept and premise of 'switching perspectives between characters' in the story are similar, but it turns out that the two have a different impression.

In my opinion, K is a fairly unique anime, because as far as I know, it is an original anime made by GoHands studio and is not an anime adapted from manga or anything else, some of the manga series were only made as prequels after the anime appeared.

K takes the overall theme of the conflict between the "Kings", which is told that there are 7 Kings represented by colors, each of which has a powerful special power and oversees a number of followers called their "clansmen".

At first, the story centers on the search by the Red King clansmen for the perpetrator of the murder of one of their friends, where the main character, Isana Yashiro, is the one suspected of committing the murder based on a video depicting the murder. 

The main character, Isana Yashiro, is the one suspected of committing the murder based on a video that depicts her committing the murder by claiming to be the "7th King, Colorless King", but she herself does not think she ever committed the murder, and the murder case eventually develops to involve other Kings.

In terms of story, K has a storyline that is actually quite good, but feels less explored in depth (maybe there is also an influence from the total episodes of only 13).

The lack of exploration is felt especially in the background story of each character, which can actually be a very interesting element to be deepened because it can potentially enrich the story.

The story in K is more focused on the mystery element and has several plot twists that make the story quite interesting to follow, although it may not be as complicated as Zetsuen no Tempest, but it feels quite right overall.

Aside from the mystery element, the story in K is somewhat lacking in other elements to enrich the story, and only slightly slip the elements of loyalty and friendship between the characters.

K, Seven Kings and Amusing Battle

This lack of exploration is either intentional to build the sense of mystery in K or to leave the audience guessing.

This shortcoming in terms of story is unfortunate in my personal opinion, because the characters in K are actually quite diverse and each has an interesting character, so if supported by a more explored storyline it can make the whole story more interesting to listen to.

The animation in K is high quality and smooth, with special effects in battle scenes that are fast and smooth, and has detailed and beautiful environmental artwork with a dominant shade of purplish blue.

K can be said to have paid special attention to the music despite the short total episode.

With Angela's "KINGS" OP combined with 3 ED songs, namely the first ED from Mikako Komatsu who is also the seiyuu of Neko, titled "Tsumetai Heya, Hitori" and the second ED titled "Circle of Friends" from Yuuki Kaji who is also the seiyuu of Totsuka Tatara, which appears as a special cover of episode 6, and a special ED for the final episode titled "To be with U! " which was also sung by Angela, overall quite successfully carried the image of K, supported by several insert songs that appeared in various episodes sung by the seiyuu.

Overall, K/K - Project is a RECOMMENDED anime, the storyline is quite interesting even though it lacks depth, cool characters, supported by detailed animation and artwork.

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