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Campione!, The Story of God Killer

Campione!, The Story of God Killer

This time I will review an old anime. The name of this anime is Campione! This anime smells of Ecchi hmm ... the Ecchi can be said to be Normal (middle level), without further ado, lets start the review.

This anime tells the story of When intending to return an inscription stone to the island of Sardinia in Italy, Kusanagi Godou sees for the first time the true form of a god. Verthagna, the Persian God of Victory will soon fight against Melgart, the Phoenician God of Tyre City. 

Erica Brandelli, a warrior girl from the secret organization Shakudou Kurojuuji (Copper Black Cross) wants to stop them, but she is powerless before the god's power, and when her life is in danger, Godou finally involves himself. 

It turned out that one of Verthagna's powers was sealed inside the inscription stone, so he used it against her, killed her, and then seized her power, from then on, Godou earned the title of god-killer, the seventh Campione.

This is the deepest anime that takes on the mythological worlds of various cultures at once.

The way it mixes myths and legends may sound strange to some (I mean, dragons were actually misunderstood Athenians!?) but it's not done lightly.

There is still enough basic knowledge about the origins and attributes of the gods and magical creatures to make the setting at least have a definite shape. The setting is truly remarkable, especially for an action anime like this. There are plenty of causes for conflict, whether it's gods against gods, gods against Campione, Campione against Campione, or knights from secret organizations getting involved in it all.

Campione!, The Story of God Killer

There isn't an episode that goes by without some sort of intense battle taking place.

The plot itself is nothing special, with a young man suddenly gaining great power then using it to protect the world, and the story also seems to lack a strong framework, just moving from one problem to the next, but it is the setting part that is the strength of this anime, able to give the characters a reason to fight and continue fighting without the audience needing to wonder why they have to do it.

In terms of animation quality, there are many better anime, but that does not mean that the animation in this anime is less beautiful.

The speed of the characters' movements can be seen, and the awesomeness of their magical powers can be clearly felt.

How many other anime dare to show the Tokyo Tower collapsing? Or the Colosseum being destroyed? The audio department is also very supportive.

The sound effects are always perfect, but perhaps what stands out the most is the voice-acting.

The way they cast spells before using magic sounds like the countdown before the launch of a space rocket.

Just exciting! Fully aware of the action element as its main advantage, this anime does not hesitate to make itself truly exciting.

Despite being a contrived excuse, most of the girl characters have clear backgrounds and motives for at least first getting involved with Godou.

With Ena being the exception, they are all groomed well enough to have a solid role in the overall setting, the same can be said for the main character, Kusanagi Godou.

This anime is about a superhero who will never stop protecting humans from various dangers caused by the gods, and Godou's passive nature fits the role perfectly.

Do you love the mythology of the gods? Or are you like someone from Sparta who enjoys killing them? Then maybe this anime will be perfect for you.

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