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Arcane Review, It’s Canon!

Arcane Review, It’s Canon!

After the previous post discussed the adaptation of the cyberpunk 2077 game, this time I will discuss the animation adapted from another game, League of Legends: Arcane.

Arcane was released on the netflix platform last 2021, and managed to get a positive response from movie lovers.

Although at the time of its release, fans were confused about whether the story in this animation was canon or not, but recently official riot games have confirmed that the story in the arcane animated series is a canon story and some of the stories in the League of Legend game will be slightly adjusted.

After a little small talk, I will start this review by first explaining what the story Arcane carries.

The story begins with Vi and Jinx's childhood, when they were saved by a revolutionary named Vander. Vi, Powder-Jinx before changing her name, Claggor, Mylo, and Ekko became Vander's adopted children.

These children were then trained by Vander to fight, Vi and Ekko were taught boxing, Powder and Claggor became mechanics, and Mylo to shoot. 

Vi and Powder are Vander's 2 favorite children, they also have extraordinary abilities and talents.

Despite being cared for and taught by the same person, Vi and Powder have opposite characters. 

Arcane Review, It’s Canon!

Vi is very brave and has the charisma of a leader, while Powder often brings "bad luck" and is called "Jinx" by Claggor and Mylo.

Arcane's story can be divided into three: Vi and Caitlyn, Jinx, and Jayce and Viktor, these three threads will meet and interact several times, and most of them are further conflicts.

However, what is quite unfortunate about Arcane's story is the end of episode 9 which ends with Jinx launching a rocket. He does this in order to kill Piltover's top brass, causing chaos.

Of course, this is often done by Netflix, creating cliffhangers to increase viewers' interest in waiting for the next season.

Another interesting thing about Arcane is its perfect music placement. Verse 2 Enemy can be heard in Arcane's title animation, depicting the feelings of Jinx, who appears in the title sequence, as if she is fighting the world.

The music also doesn't feel disruptive throughout the 9 episodes, especially in episode 7, when Ekko duels with Jinx, Denzel Curry's music adds to the tension and elevates the style of this scene to an incredible level.

I think Arcane is an animated series made with very high attention to detail, near perfect synergy can be found in Arcane, from visual design, audio, story, and characters that can attract audience empathy, also I will look forward to how Riot will work on Season 2 of this animation.

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