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How to Get 9 Free Characters in Honkai Star Rail

March 7 & Stelle Honkai Star Rail

 You Can Really Get it For Free!

As you all know, Honkai Star Rail is a gacha game. Yep, to snag those characters in the game, you've gotta dive into the gacha madness.

But did you know, there are actually some characters you can get for free? Yep, absolutely free—no need to spend a dime to snag them.

Actually, there are 10 characters you can get for free. Since one of these characters is only available during limited-time events, I won't include them.

So, for those of you curious about who these characters are and how to get them, let's dive into it together.

9 Free Characters in Honkai Star Rail and How to Get it

yukong honkai star rail

1. Trailblazer

Yep, no need to ask about this one. You can get Trailblazer right from the start of your journey.

Trailblazer is a solid character, especially in her preservation version. She can taunt enemies and provide shields to the entire team.

2. March 7th

Just like Trailblazer, you can grab March 7th right from the get-go.

March is a preservation character who can provide a pretty hefty shield to her teammates. Plus, her ultimate skill can freeze enemies.

3. Dan Heng

Dan Heng is another character you can snag right from the beginning, just like March 7th and Trailblazer.

He's a decent DPS character with straightforward mechanics, making him easy to play.

4. Asta

You can get Asta for free from the tutorial gacha. Yep, your first gacha pull is guaranteed to include Asta.

She's a support focused on buffing the speed of her teammates. Asta is frequently used in many team combinations, and her performance as a support is quite good.

5. Serval

Serval is a character you get for free from pre-registration. Just claim her in your inbox.

She's an AoE character and can spam her ultimate. If played correctly, Serval can be a real force to be reckoned with.

6. Natasha

You can obtain this character by progressing through the story missions in Jarilo - VI. Right after you meet her, she's yours.

While not the best healer, Natasha's healing abilities are nothing to scoff at. She can also cleanse debuffs.

7. Herta

You get Herta after completing simulated universe world 3. Moreover, you can get her eidolon by going even further in the simulated universe.

She's an AoE-focused character, and her passive can trigger follow-up attacks. Not the best AoE character, but she's a blast to play.

8. Qinque

The gambling queen who loves to skip work, you can get Qinque after completing memory stage 3 in the forgotten hall.

Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, a 4-star version, can easily flatten enemies. However, her skills rely heavily on your luck.

9. Yukong

You can snag Yukong for free after completing the first memory stage in the forgotten hall: memory of xianzhou.

A 4-star version of Bronya, she can buff attack, crit rate, and crit damage. A free support with comprehensive abilities.

So, have you managed to get all the characters listed above?

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