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Honkai Star Rail Tips: The Best Simulated Universe for Farming

Simulated universe honkai star rail

Suitable for Newbies Who Are Still Confused About Where to Farm

One of the most intriguing modes in Honkai Star Rail is the Simulated Universe, where you face incredibly powerful enemies while having the opportunity to collect numerous buffs for your team.

Apart from providing a more challenging combat experience, the rewards from the Simulated Universe are highly valuable. You can obtain planar ornaments from this mode.

Their function is similar to relics, adding stats to your characters. Additionally, using a complete set can activate specific effects based on the planar set you equip.

Now, for those of you still unsure which planar to farm in the Simulated Universe, here are some recommendations.

Best Simulated Universe for Farming Planar Ornaments

Simulated Universe World 3

Planar Ornament

In World 3, you'll face Gepard as the final boss. In my opinion, Gepard isn't a difficult boss to beat.

Gepard's main strength in this world lies in its thick shield. However, breaking through the shield should be easy for you, considering you've likely acquired numerous buffs to boost your team's damage.

In World 3, you may come across two types of planars: Space Sealing Station and Fleet of Ageless.

Space Sealing Station is perfect for DPS characters, providing an additional 24% attack.

As for Fleet of Ageless, it suits support or healer characters in your team, offering an 8% additional attack buff.

Regardless of which planar you get, you can definitely use it because the effects are flexible and can be applied to any character.

Simulated Universe World 7

Planar Ornament

Well, World 7 can be a bit challenging to conquer. The final boss, Abundant Ebon Deer, comes with some troublesome skills.

From area attacks with significant damage to seemingly unreasonable healing abilities.

I recommend taking the Remembrance path to easily overcome this world.

However, the difficulty seems to be compensated with two types of planars you can obtain.

Rutilant Arena and Broken Keel, these two planars have fantastic effects in my opinion.

Rutilant Arena offers an 8% additional crit rate and also gives an extra 20% damage for basic attacks and skills when the user's crit rate is 70% or higher.

Perfect for DPS characters. Although it may sound challenging to reach a 70% crit rate for maximum effect, remember, it's not difficult to achieve a high crit rate in this game.

There are many characters that can provide crit rate buffs like Yu Kong, and some characters have skills that can increase their own crit rate, like Yanqing.

So, there's no harm in equipping this planar to your DPS characters.

As for Broken Keel, I think it's ideal for support, healer, or tanker characters.

You get an additional 10% effect resistance, and if the user's effect resistance is 30% or higher, the entire team gets an extra 10% crit damage.

Effect resistance is highly useful in battles because the higher the effect resistance of your characters, the more challenging it is for them to be affected by debuffs.

And getting 30% effect resistance isn't difficult; you already get 10% from the planar, you just need to find the remaining 20% in your relic substats or planars.

The added 10% crit damage effect is also very much worth it, considering the entire team can benefit from it.

Overall, both worlds are excellent for farming planars because the planars obtained are highly flexible and can be used on any character.

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