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3 Team Comps Variation for Huohuo Honkai Star Rail


Huohuo Honkai Star Rail

Team Composition for the Newest Support Healer on Honkai Star Rail

Huohuo basically fits into any team; she's one of the most flexible characters in Honkai Star Rail.

With her excellent healing and buffing abilities, she can seamlessly blend into any team composition.

In a standard team comp, featuring DPS, Healer, Support, Sub DPS/Tank, Huohuo can take on the healer role.

Now, for those of you who might be tired of the same old compositions, here are a few variations for Huohuo team comps.

3 Huohuo Team Comps in Honkai Star Rail

1. DOT Team

Kafka Team Honkai Star Rail

Because she can provide buffs like additional attack and energy regeneration, Huohuo is an excellent fit for a Damage Over Time (DOT) team.

In this setup, you only need to bring Huohuo; the rest of the characters can all be DOT-focused, and that's totally fine.

The additional attack buff is particularly suitable for a DOT team. Moreover, with her powerful healing abilities and the capacity to cleanse debuffs, Huohuo can protect all the DOT characters in the team.

This team becomes even more overpowered if you have Kafka. As you may know, Kafka is the strongest DOT character in the game.

2. Clara Team

Clara Team

Sustained healing and energy regeneration are incredibly beneficial for Clara. She's one of those DPS characters who need to take hits frequently to maximize their damage output.

For this team, you can bring Clara and Huohuo. As for the rest, consider bringing a support buffer or debuffer, and add another Sub DPS or DPS hero.

This team becomes even more overpowered if you have Topaz. With Topaz, Clara's follow-up attack damage gets a significant boost.

3. Hypercarry Team

Hypercarry Team

In general, a hypercarry team consists of one DPS character and the rest are support.

These support characters provide extensive buffs to the DPS character, resulting in exceptionally high damage output. The drawback, however, is that the characters in this team are often susceptible to being taken down.

To address this vulnerability, you can bring Huohuo into the mix. Huohuo excels at protecting her teammates with healing and buff cleansing.

She can also serve as a support by providing attack buffs and energy regeneration. With Huohuo on board, the overall survivability of the team sees a significant boost.

Overall, Huohuo is an extremely flexible character. She can fit into any team and still unleash her full potential.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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