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Abilities of the Fate/Requiem Protagonist, Erice Utsumi

Abilities of the Fate/Requiem Protagonist, Erice Utsumi

This time I will discuss the abilities of the main character of the Fate/Requiem anime, namely Erice Utsumi.

Erice is the magical child of a human (father) & servant (mother) couple, nicknamed "Quasi-Servant".

Erice's red hair has Mystic Code apps loaded into it, such as apps that allow her to try to translate Servants' roars and body language, and can communicate with humans remotely via voice or video.

Erice learned martial arts directly from Longinus.

Erice is a Master whose magic is of the Spellcaster type, i.e. Erice prepares charms & trinkets and then pours out her magical energy to fight.

In addition to fighting, the amulets Erice uses can improve her body functions, such as improving her eyesight and heart & lung function.

Erice is able to create a barrier on her skin that helps defend against the Servant's power. The barrier will disappear if Erice is weakened.

Erice is able to fire a magic bullet called Freischütz: Magic Bullet, Freischütz is an upgraded form of Gandr that reproduces the legend of Der Freischütz for higher performance as a curse.

Erice's blood is poisonous to the Servant and if the Servant is exposed to Erice's blood it will be dangerous.

The evil spirits lurking in Erice's blood are very effective as weapons against the Spiritual Body.

Since Erice's grandmother taught her how to control these evil spirits, they can be used as weapons.

Using the power of evil spirits can cause open wounds all over Erice's body and freeze her blood which she can shape into various weapons called Branches, these Branches can be shaped into knives or short swords, simple, fast and accurate.

Erice can use the power of the evil spirits lurking in her blood to tear apart the Servant's Spiritual Core & Saint Graph.

Abilities of the Fate/Requiem Protagonist, Erice Utsumi

Erice can absorb the Servant's Spiritual Core and make it blacken and become one with his Branches.

Servants killed by Erice will not be able to return to the Throne of Heroes, so if a new copy of the Servant is summoned, the Servant will not remember the experience of the killed version.

With 2 evil spirits in her body that have helped train Erice to control her powers and are named Erlkönig, Erice can detect the presence of Servants with or without awareness.

If Erice uses the seventh bullet of Freischütz and does not reload on the sixth bullet to avoid the effects of the curse, it results in Erice being in a near-death state for a month.

If the evil spirit in Erice's body is dissatisfied, wounds will open up all over Erice's body and cause internal and external bleeding.

Erice described her Dread Spirits as the souls of the dead, filled with hatred. Nothing more or less than evil in its purest form.

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