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4 Farming Tips on Honkai Star Rail for Newbie


Qingque Honkai Star Rail

Dont Waste Your Time on Farming that is Less Effective

Farming is an activity you'll frequently find yourself doing when playing Honkai Star Rail—it's like your daily routine in this game.

At first glance, it might seem a bit monotonous doing the same thing over and over, but after a few rounds, you'll find the motivation to keep farming until all your characters become super strong.

Because it takes a considerable amount of time and endless repetition, it can be quite detrimental if you go about farming the wrong way.

Especially for those who are new to the game, it can be a significant setback if you're not farming efficiently.

Your characters' progress will be much slower if your farming strategy isn't effective.

Alright, for you new players out there, here are some farming tips for you.

4 Farming Tips for Beginners:

Caelus honkai star rail

1.Focus on Leveling Up and Tracing Characters

In the early game, there's no need for fancy farming. Just focus on leveling up and tracing your characters. Farm materials in Calyx Crimson and Stagnant Shadow; make sure the characters in your main party reach the highest levels and traces.

2. Don't Farm Relics Too Early

Early on, the stats from relics don't have a significant impact. Use whatever relics you have and upgrade them to level 7 or 8. I recommend starting relic farming when you've unlocked difficulty levels V or VI since relic b5 appears there. It'll be a waste of energy farming relic b4 because eventually, you'll have to farm again to get relic b5.

3. Avoid EXP Farming If It's Not Urgent

The EXP and gold you get from missions are more than enough to facilitate character upgrades. So, play all available missions to get gold and exp. After completing all missions, then you can consider farming exp or gold in Calyx Golden.

4. Find Friends with OP Characters

This is one of the things that kept me hooked on this game. You can borrow characters from your friends for farming. So, while trying out different characters, you can farm more efficiently. Characters like Jing Liu, Jing Yuan, and Blade are excellent for farming due to their brutal area attacks. Therefore, look for friends with OP characters so you can borrow them for farming, making your farming much faster.

Those are some farming tips for you to keep in mind. Remember, farming in Honkai Star Rail is not a one-time thing; it's a routine part of the game.

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