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Two One Piece Season 2 Characters Who Have Already Appeared!

Two One Piece Season 2 Characters Who Have Already Appeared!

One Piece Live Action has been released on Netflix and has made many fans nostalgic.

Main characters such as Luffy and crew have appeared.

Several enemies such as Buggy, Kuri and fish people were shown in Season 1.

So what characters will appear in Season 2?

Let's see the article below:

5. Smoker

Two One Piece Season 2 Characters Who Have Already Appeared!

The appearance of Smoker is already quite evident in the story in the first season of the series. Clues about Smoker's appearance were first seen during Gol D. Roger's execution in Loguetown 22 years ago. A young Smoker, with blonde hair and a green jacket with brown lining, can be seen during that execution.

Hints about Smoker's appearance then appeared at the end of episode 1 when white smoke emerged. The white smoke revealed the figure of Smoker, who seemed to be reading Luffy's wanted poster. In that scene, Smoker was also seen burning the poster, signaling that he would start pursuing Luffy. Smoker's character then fully appeared towards the end of the episode.

Although we don't know the exact storyline in season 2, it's likely that Smoker will succeed in capturing Luffy and the Straw Hat crew when they go to Loguetown, as depicted in the manga. Smoker will manage to capture Luffy, who was still unaware of Haki at the time, before a mysterious figure appears and saves him.

4. Monkey D. Dragon

Two One Piece Season 2 Characters Who Have Already Appeared!

The mysterious figure who came to Luffy's aid was none other than Monkey D. Dragon. He is Luffy's father, who protected Luffy from Dragon's attack and set him free. At that time, Smoker was actually confused about who Dragon really was until Sengoku revealed the truth during Ace's execution.

Perhaps not many geeks realize that Monkey D. Dragon himself appeared in the first season. Dragon also appeared during Roger's execution, wearing a green cloak that covered his entire body. However, there is a significant difference that emerged from this scene. In the original version, Dragon's face was visible due to a lightning flash.

His face did not yet have the tattoos seen on it now. However, in the live-action version, Dragon's face is not visible. As a result, many missed this moment without realizing that Dragon was also among the spectators during Roger's execution. This is certainly an interesting Easter egg for fans who are aware and have watched the series.

3. Crocodile

Two One Piece Season 2 Characters Who Have Already Appeared!

Crocodile is one of the characters who also witnessed Roger's execution 22 years ago. However, there's an interesting fact about this. In the original source version, Crocodile's front face was not shown. We only saw the back of his body, which we later recognized as Crocodile from his hair and outfit.

In the live-action adaptation of One Piece, we actually don't see Crocodile's presence during Roger's execution. However, what's intriguing is the appearance of a mysterious woman that was discussed in a previous article, where this woman was speculated to be Crocodile. Why is that? Because it seems to align with the clues available, such as Oda Sensei's answers in the SBS.

In one of the SBS columns, Oda once presented an image where the Shichibukai appeared in different genders. Crocodile was depicted as a woman, which resembles the female character seen in Roger's execution in episode 1. Fans have long suspected that Crocodile is, in fact, a woman based on Ivankov's explanation. This means there is a possibility that it is indeed Crocodile.

2. Bellamy

Two One Piece Season 2 Characters Who Have Already Appeared!

Considering that the series is able to summarize the East Blue Saga with only 8 episodes, this means that there is a possibility that season 2 will also do the same. In the original source, after the East Blue Saga, the next storyline is the Arabasta Saga where we will see several arcs such as the Drum Island Arc, Little Garden Arc, and the climax is the Arabasta Arc.

Even so, it is not impossible that the second season will present the beginning of the story of the Sky Islad Saga, which consists of two arcs, namely the Jaya Arc and the Skypiea Arc. In the Jaya Arc, we are shown a fairly popular pirate, namely Bellamy. He is one of the villains that Luffy faces in the story in the Saga. And his appearance in season 2 seems to have been hinted at since the first episode.

Bellamy's own wanted poster can be found in Shells Town, when Luffy first arrives on the island. Various names of big pirates in East Blue are on the island, such as Alvida, Buggy, and of course Bellamy. Of course, this would be very interesting if Luffy then fought Bellamy, who would have stopped Luffy from realizing his dream.

1. Foxy

Two One Piece Season 2 Characters Who Have Already Appeared!

Foxy the Pirate, is one of the most hated characters by fans. His figure actually appears in the Long Ring Long Island arc, which is part of the Water Seven Saga. Interestingly, Foxy's wanted poster has appeared in the first episode of the series. Like Bellamy, this could also be a clue if Foxy will appear in season 2 of the live action One Piece.

Actually, it would be too busy and difficult to do if season 2 could then reach the Water Seven Saga and present the Long Ring Long Island arc. However, it's also not impossible if then Netflix does it with various changes like those that appear in season 1 of One Piece. If that's the case, it means that the moment when Davy's Back Fight appears will also be faster.

The live action series One Piece managed to break records on the Netflix platform, where its popularity was able to beat their phenomenal series, Stranger Things. And what's also interesting is that some of the characters that will appear in season 2 of the One Piece live action are already present in the first season. Let's just look forward to the appearance of season 2 in the future!

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