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One Piece: Crocodiles Live Since the Void Century!

One Piece: Crocodiles Live Since the Void Century!

The character Crocodile may have lived since the Void Century or the lost century in the One Piece story. Crocodile is an interesting villain who is one of the fans' favorite villain characters. The characters have appeared since the beginning of the One Piece story. Even though he disappeared, he is now an important character in the story. There is an interesting theory regarding Crocodile's character.

Crocodiles in One Piece

One Piece: Crocodiles Live Since the Void Century!

His character first appeared in the Alabasta arc. Crocodile is the leader of the villain group Baroque Works. His figure is undoubtedly one of the smartest characters in the world of One Piece. Crocodiles are capable of paralyzing a country, influencing its people, and almost causing a large-scale rebellion.

Crocodile is also a strong opponent that Luffy faced for the first time, during the Alabasta arc. After being defeated by Luffy, Crocodile himself was imprisoned in Impel Down prison. However, the moment Luffy stormed the prison made him successful in getting out of there. When the Marineford war occurred, Crocodile was one of the characters involved in the battle.

However, after the incident was over, his figure disappeared. In chapter 1056 yesterday, Crocodile was discovered to be in the New World where he formed a group called the Cross Guild together with Dracule Mihawk and Buggy. One thing that makes Crocodile still relate to the current story is how he targets one of the Ancient Weapons, Pluton.

In fact, Pluton was also the reason why Crocodile decided to invade the Alabasta region. He then formed Baroque Works to search for these Ancient Weapons and try to spread terror there. After making the people of Alabasta suffer for a long time, he was finally defeated by Luffy.

The fact was then revealed that Pluton was not in the Alabasta area. In the Wano arc, it is known that Pluton is in that country and activating Pluton means opening the borders of that region. There are many big questions about why Crocodile wants to own one of these Ancient Weapons. Regarding Pluton and Crocodile, there is an interesting theory.

Crocodiles Come From the Void Century

One Piece: Crocodiles Live Since the Void Century!

There are many interesting theories regarding the Crocodile character. What is most popular among fans is that Crocodile is actually a woman who later turned into a man. Apart from this, there is another interesting theory which states that Crocodile may have come from the Void Century or a lost century in the world of One Piece.

There are several clues to this theory. First, Crocodile's big secret. In chapter 165, Crocodile revealed his true identity to the members of Baroque Works. They all looked shocked and Bon Clay seemed the most shocked of all. In chapter 540, Ivankov said that he had known Crocodile for a long time.

Ivankov also knows Crocodile's big secret. Many fans then speculated that Ivankov then changed Crocodile into a man from a woman. However, in this theory, it is possible that there was something else that Ivankov knew and was hiding. And this has nothing to do with changing gender. This means that there is something bigger that Ivankov knows about Crocodile's character.

Another clue is how Crocodile knew about Pluton and tried to hunt him. Information about Ancient Weapons and Plutons seems to have been buried for a long time and from what appears in the story one would not know about Ancient Weapons other than through Poneglyphs. On the other hand, Crocodile himself does not know and cannot read Poneglyphs.

And the final clue is that Crocodile is an ancient creature in the real world. Crocodiles themselves are more than 95 million years old and first evolved from the time of the dinosaurs. Oda Sensei is a mangaka who often presents real world elements in his stories. So, it is not impossible that Oda Sensei would also present the same reference to Crocodile.

In the One Piece story, there is a possibility that Crocodile does not come from the current era but from the old era, namely the Void Century or the lost century. From these various clues, it seems reasonable that Crocodile might come from the Void Century. Considering that currently One Piece has started to enter the final stage of its story, perhaps there will be an explanation from Oda Sensei regarding the origins of Crocodile.

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