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Naruto: These 8 Strongest Jutsu Can Create Doomsday!

Naruto: These 8 Strongest Jutsu Can Create Doomsday!

There are a lot of jutsu scattered in the Naruto universe. 

Some of them have special functions, such as sealing, healing, or destroying. 

At that time, there were frequent wars between villages. 

The war occurred because of the conflict of interest of each. 

Therefore, many ninjas have destructive jutsu that they will use to defeat ninja from other villages, or just to survive. 

Even among these jutsu there is a very powerful, to the point that it can cause a small apocalypse. 

What are some destructive jutsu that can cause a small apocalypse? 

Check it out below!

1. Deidara's Suicide Explosion

Deidara's Suicide Explosion

Deidara is a member of Akatsuki who is very crazy in terms of fighting and art. 

He is one of the runaway ninja from Iwagakure and a very skilled Kekkei Genkai user. 

Deidara can make bombs from the clay he uses, and the clay he creates can live like animals. 

Mostly, the forms created by Deidara are animals. 

Deidara's last technique that he used to fight against Sasuke proves that he is an extraordinary user of destructive jutsu. 

Deidara can make himself an explosive and produce a terrible explosive power. 

It is conceivable if Deidara made a very large number of bombs, then detonated them on Earth.

2. Jinton


The third Tsuchikage is one of the first characters to be shown as the monstrous Jinton wielder. 

He can create a dust element which is a type of Kekkei Touta jutsu, and produces a technique that can destroy anything within the range of his jutsu. 

Although Jinton required a lot of strength, the third Tsuchikage aka Oonoki, was able to use this technique several times during the Fourth Ninja World War. 

And what happened to Jinton was massive destruction.

3. Shinra Tensei

Shinra Tensei

Pain who is a Rinnegan user has some unique and terrible jutsu. 

One of Pain's terrible techniques is Shinra Tensei. 

This technique has tremendous destructive power and has destroyed Konoha before Naruto finally came. 

Shinra Tensei has even killed many Konoha villagers and resulted in many of their citizens being seriously injured. 

Although in the end Pain healed and revived all the villagers of Konoha after discussing with Naruto, the damage he caused was indeed very severe. 

This is proof of how terrifying Shinra Tensei is

4. Chibaku Tensei

Chibaku Tensei

Besides Shinra Tensei, one of the techniques of the Rinnegan is Chibaku Tensei. 

This technique creates a miniature moon made of all the elements on earth. 

In short, Chibaku Tensei is like a giant magnet that sucks and unites all kinds of things that are within the range of its jutsu. 

Therefore, this technique is classified as a destructive jutsu which is quite terrible.

5. Tengai Shinsei

Tengai Shinsei

Madara Edo Tensei was the single strongest undead faced by the Shinobi Alliance during the Fourth Ninja World War. 

One of Madara's techniques that has considerable destructive power is the Tengai Shinsei. 

This technique is a combination of his Rinnegan and Sharingan eyes, so Madara can summon a large meteor and can be used to hit his opponent. 

It could be that Madara was able to create a much larger meteor, and use it to destroy the world.

6. Bijuu Dama

Bijuu Dama

The tailed beast or commonly referred to as the Biju, is a mystical creature that has lived hundreds of years ago and is a fragment of the Juubi. 

The bijuu have a cutting-edge jutsu called Bijuu Dama, and have a pretty great destructive power. 

This technique can even make seawater evaporate to dryness, and can destroy a mountain in an instant. 

It is conceivable if Bijuu Dama is used more than once, which means it will cause enormous destruction.

7. Mugen Tsukuyomi

Mugen Tsukuyomi

The reason Madara and Obito were so eager to resurrect the Sacred Tree was to activate the world's greatest genjutsu called Mugen Tsukuyomi. 

This technique can hypnotize all creatures on earth, and turn the moon's shadow into a very large Sharingan. 

This technique was seen during the Fourth Ninja World War and caused chaos for the Shinobi Alliance. 

If the victim is hit by this Genjutsu for a very long time, then they will turn into white Zetsu and become loyal followers of the owner of the jutsu.

8. Nunoboko Sword

Nunoboko Sword

One of the strongest weapons that Obito had when he was still a Jinchuriki Jubi was the Nunoboko sword. 

According to legend, this sword can destroy anything, including the world. 

Because this sword is very sharp and also hard and has a quite strange shape, but the Nunoboko Sword has a destructive power that cannot be underestimated.

When Obito wielded this sword in the Fourth Ninja World War, he became very strong and managed to corner the Shinobi Alliance.

Those are some jutsu geeks that are considered to be able to cause the apocalypse. 

With their tremendous destructive power, it was not impossible that they could destroy the world with a single strike. 

Lucky because some of these jutsu are no longer used in the current Boruto era.

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