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One Piece Live Action Ending Explanation, Preparation for Season 2!

One Piece Live Action Ending Explanation, Preparation for Season 2!

Fans of the “One Piece Live Action” series on Netflix might think that the Straw Hats' adventure towards the Grand Line is the end of the adaptation. However, at the end of the One Piece series, precisely before the final credits roll, there is an interesting moment that is best not to be missed. The series, adapted from the same manga series by Eiichiro Oda (with some anime adaptation touches by Toei Animation), follows the adventures of pirate Monkey D. Luffy as he gathers the first members of his ship's crew. They have the determination to sail the seas full of danger, aiming to become the king of the pirates.

Although Netflix has not officially renewed the series for a second season, there is an important clue that appears before the ending of One Piece, specifically in the end credits, which gives an idea of what might happen next, of course if Netflix decides to continue the adventures of Luffy and friends to season 

The teaser scene before the end credits in the final episode of 'One Piece' briefly shows a man in a Marine uniform sitting at a table, shrouded in smoke. He placed a rock on his desk, then pressed a lit cigar (one of the two cigars in his hand) into the face of Luffy's wanted poster, setting the poster on fire.

One Piece Live Action Ending Explanation, Preparation for Season 2!

This leak clearly points to Captain “White Chase” Smoker, a Marine who Luffy and the Straw Hat crew met almost immediately after they managed to defeat Arlong, the leader of the Fish-man pirates. In the manga, Smoker first appears in Loguetown, a town before entering the Grand Line, Smoker shows his Devil Fruit ability which allows him to turn part of his body into smoke and control it. This ability allows him to attack and limit the movements of his enemies.

Smoker, like Luffy, has a Devil Fruit that grants him extraordinary abilities. He is often seen with two cigars and a Seastone-tipped weapon, which can dampen the power of Devil Fruits and produce oceanic energy. Smoker's appearance at the end of the first season sparked speculation about the second season of the "One Piece" series. In the manga storyline, Smoker plays an important role in the Arabasta Saga which follows the events that the live-action series concluded. With Smoker's appearance, it seems that the second season will adapt the Arabasta Saga from the manga.

In the manga, Smoker chases the Straw Hat crew who entered the Grand Line after leaving Loguetown. Despite initially clashing with them, Smoker eventually joins the Straw Hat crew to stop Crocodile, one of the seven sea samurai working with the World Government, from taking over the desert nation of Arabasta.

However, this leak also raises questions. While Smoker is an interesting character, there are actually several other characters who may be more surprising and still tie into future storylines. 

The Arabasta saga in the manga introduced several important “One Piece” characters and would have been more iconic if they had been revealed at the end of the first season. One example is Tony Tony Chopper, a crew doctor in the form of a human-deer hybrid. Chopper is a reindeer who accidentally ate a Human-Human Devil Fruit (as strange as it sounds), which gave him consciousness and the ability to transform into a very adorable creature. Chopper is not only the doctor for the Straw Hat crew, but also their mascot.

Of course, Chopper can't be played by a human actor, and showing him at the end of the first season would certainly require greater visual effects. This is one of the challenges to present Chopper in an adorable live-action form.

One Piece Live Action Ending Explanation, Preparation for Season 2!

While Chopper may be too complicated to be a quick tease, there are actually several other characters that could be used to tease the Arabasta Saga. One of them is Nico Robin, a character who initially appeared as an antagonist in the Arabasta arc. She has an important role in Arabasta and in the “One Piece” storyline as a whole, and has unique abilities thanks to her Flower-Flower Devil Fruit.

The ending of One Piece, Luffy's brother, Portgas D. Ace, could also be an interesting leak. He is the Commander of the Second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates who is very strong and has the ability of a Devil Fruit with the Fire element. His brief appearance in the Arabasta Saga will provide an interesting picture of his Devil Fruit powers.

However, whatever leaks are given at the end of the first season, it all depends on Netflix's decision whether to renew the series for a second season. Fans will certainly hope to see important characters such as Smoker, Chopper, and Robin in the continuation of the storyline.

It's important to remember that adapting manga and anime into live-action always poses challenges. One of the biggest challenges was bringing well-known characters and world elements to life in three dimensions. Characters like Chopper, who have a unique and adorable physical form in the animated version, need to be presented with the right details in live-action so they don't lose their essence.

Through the first season of "One Piece" on Netflix, we see how they try to adapt iconic characters from the world of anime and manga into the real world. The interesting part is how the production tries to combine the visual aspects and characteristics of each character so that they are still entertaining and in accordance with the spirit of the original series.

With these challenges in mind, fans can look forward to seeing if Netflix will continue the story in a more in-depth second season. But the big question is how iconic characters like Smoker, Chopper, and Robin will be properly represented in live-action, and how the story will continue for the Straw Hats and crew in navigating the Grand Line.

That's the explanation of the ending of One Piece Live Action, once again, "One Piece" fans are expected to be patient waiting for the official announcement about the second season of this live-action adaptation. With the confidence that the production team has taken into account the challenges and expectations of fans, we can expect to see more exciting adventures in the live-action version of the “One Piece” storyline in the future.

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