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Eiichiro Oda Reveals Why Live Action One Piece Was Made!

Eiichiro Oda Reveals Why Live Action One Piece Was Made!

One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda, revealed the reason why One Piece live action can only be made now. 

First released in the late 1990s, One Piece has become a very popular manga and anime not only in Japan but throughout the world. 

The popularity of One Piece can even last for more than two decades of the series running. And the popularity of this extraordinary One Piece then made Netflix decide to adapt the series in a live action version.

As geeks know, the live action series from One Piece will soon be broadcast on the Netflix streaming platform on August 31. 

This series will be starred by actor Iñaki Godoy who plays Monkey D Luffy. 

The creator of the series, Eiichiro Oda, then revealed the reason why the live action One Piece was being made now and not done in the past. 

According to Oda, everything has to do with the technology used in the film industry.

“In the past, 26 years when I started One Piece, it was not possible to adapt a manga like this in live action. However, at some point, the quality of the CG and visual effects started to improve, and you could bring anything to life. After seeing a lot of things, I decided to commit (make a live action One Piece, see if we can find a reliable team, we can do it and adapt it in a live action form."

The One Piece live action project itself was first announced in 2017 where Oda Sensei also confirmed the news. 

According to him, this will be an extraordinary experience. 

And Oda seems to have succeeded in proving that. 

From various leaked photos in 2020 and 2021, you can see how Netflix is really committed to this series project. 

They are willing to spend big money for each episode.

Netflix is willing to spend millions of dollars for each episode to build a ship set that is real. In addition, the casting process is not arbitrary. 

Because, Oda Sensei was also involved in various processes starting from the selection of the cast and also various other things. 

Not to mention, the person in charge of the series is a fan of the series. So they know what to do.

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