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One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Straw Hat Pirates vs. Marines!

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Straw Hat Pirates vs. Marines!

Currently, the island of Egghead is under siege by the Marines and the Gorosei. Given the events of the previous chapter, York is seen being held captive by Luffy and his group, who have regrouped.

On this island, a major incident on a large scale is about to occur, and the story's narrator refers to it as the Egghead Incident. 

The Egghead Incident is deemed a significant event that will shake the entire world of One Piece. 

The situation on Egghead Island is currently quite complex. 

Full evacuation is underway, as the island is at risk of complete destruction within a matter of hours.

The process of destroying the island began long before the Straw Hat Pirates arrived, indicating that the target of this attack is not Luffy and his crew, but rather the brilliant scientist of the Navy, Vegapunk. 

Vegapunk has been working with the World Government for a considerable time, yet he's curious about the true history of the world. 

He has been investigating a substantial amount of information, and he poses a significant threat to the World Government, possibly the biggest one so far.

Vegapunk possesses a wealth of information, including information that led to the demise of the people of Ohara. 

He has kept all of this in his mind and continues to study ancient scripts, doing his best to uncover the truth about a past civilization that is said to be far more advanced than the world One Piece fans currently see.

Unfortunately for Vegapunk, one of his own satellites, York, has eventually betrayed him and sold him out to the Navy.

The Egghead Incident will escalate into a massive war that will see all members of the Straw Hat Pirates fighting together. 

This time, the battle will not be against other pirate crews but against the Navy. 

After years, fans will witness this crew facing off against the Navy once again, but this time, the Navy will deploy its top dogs. 

Kizaru, one of the three Admirals of the Navy, will finally be seen in action after a long absence. 

However, what fans are most eagerly anticipating is the involvement of Jaygarcia Saturn. He is one of the Gorosei and undoubtedly very powerful.

This war will be one where the Straw Hat Pirates might end up on the back foot. 

Nevertheless, it opens the door for their allies to intercept and join the battle. How exciting will the battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Navy be? 

Look forward to it in One Piece manga 1090.

Based on the schedule, One Piece manga is typically scheduled for release every Sunday. 

One Piece manga 1090 is predicted to be released this weekend, on August 13, 2023.

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