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One Piece 1090 Spoilers Update: Nico Robin Discovers the World History Poneglyph!

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Update: Nico Robin Discovers the World History Poneglyph!

Nico Robin has possibly found a highly significant Poneglyph containing the history of the world on Egghead Island. 

The Straw Hat Crew is currently on Egghead Island following their epic adventure in the Wano Country. However, their journey on Egghead Island turns out to be more challenging than they expected.

The Straw Hat Crew must confront significant threats from both the Marines and the World Government. In the latest chapter, we finally see the fate of the Straw Hat Crew. 

Yet, keen observers noticed that Nico Robin is missing. An interesting theory suggests that Robin might have stumbled upon the Poneglyph containing world secrets.

Disappearance of Nico Robin

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Update: Nico Robin Discovers the World History Poneglyph!
Before the fate of the Straw Hat Crew was revealed in chapter 1089, they were shown to be facing a dreadful situation. 

The story depicted the crew encountering members of CP0, who were sent to eliminate Vegapunk. Unexpectedly, CP0 members crossed paths with the Straw Hat Crew.

A battle ensued between them, with Luffy once again confronting Rob Lucci. 

The situation began to shift as CP0 lost, and they and the Straw Hat Crew became targets of the Seraphim. Eventually, it was revealed that there was a traitor among them. 

On the other hand, Vegapunk himself disappeared while preparing to leave Egghead Island.

Subsequently, the Straw Hat Crew decided to split up and join other allies in searching for the real Vegapunk. 

Meanwhile, Luffy and Zoro teamed up to face two Seraphim. 

The battle on Egghead Island was briefly interrupted in a few chapters as Oda shifted the story's focus to Koby's rescue on Beehive Island.

The story resumed its focus on Egghead Island in chapter 1089. 

The chapter showed that the Straw Hat Crew had successfully defeated York, the traitor. 

In a panel, the entire Straw Hat Crew, including Rob Lucci, is seen in a room, threatening York's life. 

However, keen observers would notice that Nico Robin is absent from the scene.

Discovering Vegapunk's Poneglyph

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Update: Nico Robin Discovers the World History Poneglyph!

Some fans might not have realized Nico Robin's disappearance. 

However, the big question now is, where is Nico Robin? 
Why did Nico Robin disappear? 

Several interesting theories have emerged to discuss this matter. 

One of them revolves around the idea that Nico Robin might have discovered the Poneglyph containing world secrets.

As narrated in the Egghead arc, the main reason Vegapunk became the target of the World Government is due to his research. 

Vegapunk was attempting to study the lost century, something strictly forbidden by the World Government. 

What's intriguing is that Vegapunk already possessed a Poneglyph or a copy of it.

The evidence lies in all the technology and creations Vegapunk has produced, which result from his research and the information he gained over time. 

As Shaka mentioned in a previous chapter, all the technology on Egghead Island originates from 900 years ago. Vegapunk merely imitated or reconstructed various technologies from that era in the present.

Vegapunk himself never mentioned where he kept the Poneglyph or where he obtained it from. 

What is certain is that the Poneglyph is on Egghead Island and was researched by Vegapunk before the World Government targeted him and his research. Nico Robin's disappearance from the Straw Hat Crew panel in chapter 1089 likely indicates that she found this Poneglyph.

Observing previous arcs, such as the Fish-Man Island arc or Wano, Nico Robin often gets separated from the Straw Hat Crew when significant events occur. 

In the Wano arc, while the others were battling Kaido and Big Mom, Robin managed to find Kaido's Road Poneglyph, which they later used and kept for their adventure.

Poneglyph About World Secrets

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Update: Nico Robin Discovers the World History Poneglyph!

As mentioned above, if Vegapunk was researching a Poneglyph about the lost century, it implies that the Poneglyph he studied or had contained crucial information. 

This information could potentially include details about the Ancient Kingdom's existence, past technologies, or even fragments of world secrets they are yet to uncover.

Regarding how Vegapunk contacted Dragon as a result of his research, it can be assumed that the information Vegapunk derived from the Poneglyph was highly secretive or sensitive. 

Thus, it's reasonable to believe that the Poneglyph contains information about the world's secrets. 

The actual contents of this information might not be revealed until they are truly safe.

However, there might be flashbacks from Nico Robin showing something related to the past when she read or translated the contents of the Poneglyph. 

The theory that Robin discovered a Poneglyph about world secrets aligns with previous story developments, where we learned about Im's true name, the Ancient Weapons, and facts about Nefertari Lili and the D clan.

In essence, it's highly likely that Nico Robin intentionally disappeared from the other Straw Hat Crew members because she discovered something crucial – the Poneglyph researched by Vegapunk.

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