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One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Luffy Challenges the Fifth Elders Duel!

Spoilers for One Piece 1090: Luffy Challenges the Fifth Gorosei Duel!

Finally, various opinions and spoilers about One Piece 1090 have emerged on the internet.

Leaks and spoilers for One Piece 1090 have started to be released on various forums.

Eiichiro Oda himself promised in the last chapter that the One Piece 1090 spoiler would be released earlier.

According to some leakers on Reddit, One Piece 1090 will continue the excitement from the previous chapter.

Especially regarding York, who reported Luffy's crimes on Egghead Island to the five Gorosei.

As it is known, the Straw Hat group and their allies have successfully rescued Dr. Vegapunk from York's kidnapping attempt.

Even during that moment, it was seen that Rob Lucci and Kaku have now sided with Luffy's group.

Afterwards, Luffy instructed York to call the Gorosei in Mariejoa and lie to them.

York asked the five elders to let him escape safely from Egghead and not to attack the laboratory.

Certainly, York's request was granted because he would provide the tools to produce the Mother Flame for the five elders.

Furthermore, Luffy actually made this request to use York as a shield to escape from the future island.

Also, to ensure their hiding place, the laboratory, remains safe from enemy attacks.

Unfortunately, at the end of the conversation, York asked the Gorosei to save him from Luffy.

This made the Gorosei suspicious that York was being manipulated by the Straw Hat group.

As a result, the Gorosei ignored York's request and planned a massive attack on Egghead Island.

However, before the Gorosei hung up the Den Den Mushi, Luffy said something shocking.

Boldly, Luffy challenged the five Gorosei to come down to Egghead Island and fight him.

Unfortunately, the One Piece 1090 spoiler does not reveal how the Gorosei responded after Luffy made that statement.

However, the five elders were shown to be silent with a disbelieving look.

The Gorosei don't believe it because they are currently speaking directly with the reincarnation of Joy Boy, their arch-enemy from 800 years ago.

Unfortunately, these leaks and spoilers for One Piece 1090 have not been confirmed by Redon, the official leaker.

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